Successful Strategies (L'heureux stratagème)

Théâtre Édouard VII

Until January 11, 2020

French surtitled in English (See the page)


Théâtre Édouard VII
10 place Édouard VII, 75009 Paris
Capacity 720 seats


1 hour and 40 minutes
No intermission


French with English subtitling
Premium subtitling experience through smart glasses available

Highlights: Successful Strategies (L'heureux stratagème)

How far would you go to fight for the one you love? Left injured and heartbroken two ex- lovers who were dumped by their significant others come up with a plan to do whatever it takes no matter how cruel in order to win the love of their partners back. An exclusive offer is available to guests thanks Théâtre Édouard VII and Theatre in Paris, in addition to our regular subtitling system you also have the option to enjoy our new subtitling solution through a pair of smart glasses that allow you to experience the show up close.

Story: Successful Strategies (L'heureux stratagème)

This successful play written in 1733 takes place in the roaring 20s, just picture The Great Gatsby in the time of radical changes and fancy wear. Having been undervalued by her partner the Countess is comforted by the Damis knight who she ends up falling in love with, it was love at first sight and the feeling was mutual. Things start to unravel once her previous lover the Marquise finds out about this love affair, he realizes he had made a mistake in neglecting her and so does Dorante the knight’s previous partner who too took him for granted. In order to get their lovers back they create a cruel plot and they go as far as pretending to love each other and arrange a false wedding to rouse jealousy amongst the Countess and her new lover the Damis Knight. This suspenseful nail-biting comedy will have you on your toes, thinking to yourself “Oh no, the nerve of these people”. You’ll come realize the talented actors in this show play their role all to good, you’ll immediately immerse into dramatic love scenes.


"Top of the line performance, Successful Strategies has done everything right" Paris Match

"Ladislas Chollat's intimate and intriguing staging is sumptuous" Ce Soir Sur Seine



Beautiful piece by Marivaux transporting us to the roaring twenties. High level performers.

Well done!

A must see. Excellent piece of Marivaux with contemporary costumes. All the performers have crazy talent. Jerome Robart as the knight was a great. Thank you for this beautiful theatrical performance.


Théâtre Édouard VII

10 place Édouard VII, 75009 Paris

Theater Édouard VII

The Théâtre Edouard VII is truly a monument to celebrate French and English cooperation and culture. Fascinated by Paris and what it had to offer, the English King Edward VII decided to contribute to Parisian life by opening a performance hall in the early 20th century to highlight both English and French productions. Unlike most playhouses, the venue first opened as a cinema and was shortly after converted into a theatre. The best part about this venue is its amazing location just steps from the Opéra Garnier, hidden in plain sight in a small pedestrian courtyard. You'll even find a statue of King Edouard VII himself right outside the theatre's restaurant terrace.


Throughout the 20th century, many well-known figures in the French theatre world have been in-house directors, and some celebrated French plays once premiered at this location in the heart of the Paris theatre district. Even some famous French actors once performed on this stage and took part in Théâtre Edouard VII's beloved productions, including Gerard Depardieu! Today, under the direction of Pascal Legros, it continues to be an incredibly diverse theatre, that achieves a perfect balance of classical plays and new writing.


Fun Fact

Writer, actor and director Sacha Guitry is the true emblematic figure of this theatre. The walls of the lobby and restaurant are lined with images of the famous figures that have been a part of the venue's history, many of whose ghosts are said to haunt the theatre's halls, including Orson Welles!


Fast facts

Capacity: 720

Handicap Accessible? Yes, please contact us to ensure proper seating in accessible areas

Air conditioning? No


Is it a show for travelers or French people?

Both! The Théâtre Édouard VII is one of the most crowded private theatres in the city. A lot of VIPs come here to see prestigious Parisian plays. As a traveler, you get the chance to be one of those VIPs with the help of our English subtitles.

Where will I be seated?

There are five categories available. If you choose subtitling through the use of smart glasses, you will be seated in the front rows of the orchestra section. All other categories are located on the sections above the orchestra with comfortable viewing of the subtitling screen. The theatre is an English style auditorium, and Theatre in Paris guests are centrally placed to have an optimal view of the stage and subtitles.

How do I get to Théâtre Édouard VII?

The theatre is accessible by the metro lines 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 14 through metro stations Madeleine and Havre- Caumartin. If you plan on going though bus you can take lines 20, 21, 24, 27, 29, 42, 52, 68, 81, 84, 94, and 95. Our hotline can be reached in case of difficulty finding the theatre weekdays from 10 am to 7pm Paris time. For details, we invite you to consult the map above.

Can I purchase a programme?

An exclusive programme in English for Successful Strategies is provided free of charge for Theatre in Paris guests. It is a perfect souvenir, with insider information on the play, the show, and the venue.

How long does the show last?

The show lasts one hour and forty minutes with no intermission.

Can I eat in the neighbourhood before or after the show?

Yes, you can. The theatre's very own restaurant is a dazzling hotspot before and after the performances. With its beautiful terrace on a pedestrian square, it will be the perfect add-on to your romantic theatre evening. You might even bump into one of the actors or the director after the show! To book a table call +33 1 40 07 00 77.

Subtitles or “surtitles?”

Surtitles (also called supertitles) are the theatre equivalent of subtitles. That’s because in French “sur” means “above.” At the Théâtre Édouard VII, the text is projected above the stage. We also offer individual subtitling solutions through the use of a pair of smart glasses system. Read more about surtitles here.

What is the difference between regular subtitling and the smart glasses subtitling system?

Successful Strategies will be subtitled both on a screen above the stage and through individual smart glasses. If you choose the smart glasses category, the translation of the dialogue will be shown individually on connected smartglasses that will be provided to you for the show. Within the same field of vision, you will be able to fully enjoy the text and the staging. If you choose another category, you will benefit from our regular subtitles, displayed on a screen above the stage.