Régis Truchy in Eccentric

La Nouvelle Ève

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La Nouvelle Ève
25 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris
Capacity 280 seats


1 h 20 min

No intermission



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Highlights: Régis Truchy in Eccentric

What's the link between Charlie Chaplin, Daft Punk, Bob Fosse, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, and Michael Jackson?
The answer: Eccentric dance.


This is a style of dance with unconventional movements that emerged as an artistic genre in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, heavily influenced by African dancers.
Its main characteristic is the disarticulation of the whole body using techniques pushed to the extreme. Joel Schechter, professor emeritus at the University of San Francisco, describes Eccentric dance as “The vaudevillian impulse to dance like a madman, even if the danser’s legs are not in tune with the music or the rest of the body.” 


Discover the history of this dance at La Nouvelle Èvewith Régis Truchy, someone who masters this genre completely. A frenzied show and an astonishingly mobile artist.

Story: Régis Truchy in Eccentric

Don't know Régis Truchy? Discover this incredible, almost disjointed dancer in his dance show Eccentric at La Nouvelle Eve.


The artist takes us on a musical and choreographic adventure like no other and retells the story of Eccentric dance with incredible demonstrations. Régis Truchy, expending every drop of energy, disjoints his body for your greatest pleasure. There’s no stopping him with his astounding mix of humour and mastered moves. A real cartoon character!


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La Nouvelle Ève

25 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris

History and Fun Facts about the theatre

La Nouvelle Ève theatre, located in the iconic Pigalle district of Paris, has a rich and varied history spanning more than a century. Founded at the end of the 19th century as 'La Nouvelle Aventure', the establishment initially offered cabaret and music-hall shows, attracting audiences eager for nighttime entertainment in Belle Époque Paris.


Over the years, La Nouvelle Ève has gone through several artistic transformations. In the 1950s, it was renamed 'La Nouvelle Ève' and became a mecca for Parisian revue, hosting dance and burlesque cabaret shows. Famous artists such as Josephine Baker and Mistinguett dazzled crowds on its stage.


Over the following decades, La Nouvelle Ève continued to evolve, presenting a variety of shows, from musicals to contemporary comedy. It has remained a pillar of the Parisian show scene, a must-see venue for entertainment fans, offering a showcase for French and international artists.


Today, La Nouvelle Ève is a theatre with an intimate venue and walls beautifully decorated in midnight blue velvet and twinkling stars (you have to see it to believe it!). The festive spirit that has characterised this venue since its opening is preserved by a varied programme that skilfully blends traditional and modern shows and artists. La Nouvelle Ève is a place where performing arts continue to thrive, making this particular venue a real treasure in the heart of the City of Light.


A very Parisian place to be discovered urgently!


Fast facts
Capacity: 280
Handicap Accessible: No
Air conditioning: Yes
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes (free service)


How do I get to La Nouvelle Ève in the 9th arrondissement of Paris?

La Nouvelle Ève is accessible by:

Metro lines: La Nouvelle Ève is accessible by the metro lines 12 or 2 which run until the metro stations Pigalle or Blanche.
Bus lines: La Nouvelle Ève is accessible by the bus lines 30, 54, 74 or 40 which run until the stations Pigalle, Blanche or Navarin.
We invite you to consult the map above for directions. In case of difficulty, our hotline can be reached during our business hours. Please see the footer of this page for our contact details.

What do I do when I get to La Nouvelle Ève?

We invite you to arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of Eccentric by Régis Truchy, and present your voucher at the front desk. La Nouvelle Ève’s staff members will guide you to your seats.

How long does Eccentric by Régis Truchy last?

Eccentric by Régis Truchy lasts approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, with no intermission.

Can I take photos during Eccentric by Régis Truchy?

In order not to disturb the artists on stage, and for the comfort of other guests, you are not permitted to photograph, film, or record the performance for the duration of Eccentric by Régis Truchy. As long as the performance is not currently in session, feel free to take a snapshot of La Nouvelle Ève to remember your night out!

Is Eccentric by Régis Truchy for an international audience or French speakers?

Both! The dance piece, Eccentric by Régis Truchy, is made up of movement and music and is therefore accessible to anyone from any corner of the world.

Does the venue have a specific dress code at La Nouvelle Ève?

There is no specific dress code but proper attire is appreciated. Many Parisians will arrive directly from work, dressed in business casual or chic attire.

Is there a coat check available at La Nouvelle Ève?

There is no cloakroom at La Nouvelle Ève.

Is tipping customary at La Nouvelle Ève in Paris?

Tips are not mandatory in many Parisian theatres. However, ushers will usually appreciate a small tip of between €2 and €5, which you can give them when they’ve shown you to your seat.
Fun fact: the French word for “tip” is “pourboire”, which literally translates to “to have a drink”.

If I'm late, will I still be allowed into the show?

In the event of a delay, spectators will be allowed entrance to the theatre.