Le Bourgeois gentilhomme at the Royal Opera of Versailles

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Royal Opera of Versailles

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100% in French


Royal Opera of Versailles
4 avenue de Paris, 78000 Versailles
Capacity 750 seats


3 h 30 min

With intermission


Comedy ballet

Recommanded for all ages

In French

Highlights: Le Bourgeois gentilhomme at the Royal Opera of Versailles

When a great composer joins forces with a great literary mind, it's a safe bet that the result will be a true masterpiece.


Such is the case with The Bourgeois Gentleman, a comedy-ballet created by composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and playwright Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (known as Molière) in 1670, which combines music, dance, and theatre to tell the story of Monsieur Jourdain, a rich bourgeois who aspires to become a gentleman in order to win the respect of high society.You are plunged into a veritable social satire that pokes fun at Monsieur Jourdain's vain aspirations and obsession with nobility.


Lully's music accompanies the play throughout, with ballet interludes depicting allegorical and mythological scenes. These dances add a truly visual dimension to the play.
Want to experience the French spirit? Find it in Molière's play at the Opéra Royal de Versailles, with incredible direction by Denis Podalydès (a member of the Comédie-Française) and beautiful costumes by Christian Lacroix. A moment of pure delight.



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Story: Le Bourgeois gentilhomme at the Royal Opera of Versailles

The Opéra Royal de Versailles will be staging this monument to French culture: Molière's The Bourgeois Gentleman.


The plot revolves around Monsieur Jourdain's extravagant efforts to rise socially. He is obsessed with the idea of becoming a gentleman, even though he lacks the necessary education and manners. To achieve his goal, he hires masters in various fields, such as dance, music, philosophy, and fencing. These masters, however, manipulate and mock him, leading to some incredible comic situations.


Enjoy this succulent farce, with its familiar dialogue and music like no other! In short, savour the pleasures of the rebellious, facetious French spirit.



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Royal Opera of Versailles

4 avenue de Paris, 78000 Versailles

The Royal Opera of Versailles

Categorized as one of the largest performance halls in Europe during its inauguration in 1770 requested by Louis XV, it is presently still admired as one of the grand luxurious stages in Paris due to its lavishing décor composed of early-century design. The ceiling above the room comprises an exquisite form of art, something similar to what you would see in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.


Opéra Royal was no ordinary room, it was prestigious among wealthy individuals who fancied theater. Hosting 1,500 people, only a specific number of guests were invited to view the best shows in Paris at the esteemed Versailles palace. Later the room was also used as a ballroom and a banquet hall.


After the revolution the Opéra Royal room was left whole but stripped of its 18th-century embellishment. Altering its original appearance, the room is renovated for official shows such as the opening of the Versailles museum in 1837. Renovated and inaugurated once again in 1957 after the Second World War by orders of architect André Japy, the room undertook a whole new look. In 2009 Opéra Royal opened its doors to spectators from all over the world and began to display an array of enlightened shows such as contemporary dance, ballet recitals, opera, and classical music concerts. Presently it offers more than 100 performances per season in its golden room occupied with ostentatious chandeliers, surrounded by red velvet seating.


Fast facts
Capacity: 750
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Air conditioning: No
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes (free service)


How do I get to the Royal Opera of Versailles?

Royal Opera of Versailles is accessible by:
RER lines: The Royal Opera of Versailles can be reached by taking the RER C to Versailles Château Rive Gauche station which is the closest station to the castle. From this station the castle is a 10-minute walk.
Transilien lines: The Royal Opera of Versailles is accessible by Transilien lines N and U from Versailles Chantiers station and by line L from Versailles Rive Droite station. From this station the castle is a 25-minute walk.
Bus lines: The Royal Opera of Versailles is accessible by bus line 171 from the metro station, Pont de Sèvres (metro line 9).
The Royal Opera of Versailles is located within the Versailles Castle. To get there, follow the signs for Entrance B at the top right of the Cour d'Honneur.
We invite you to consult the map above for directions. In case of difficulty, our hotline can be reached during our business hours. Please see the footer of this page for our contact details..

What do I do when I get to the Royal Opera of Versailles?

We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of The Bourgeois Gentleman. Show your ticket at reception and the staff will take care of you.

Can I take photos during The Bourgeois Gentleman?

In order not to disturb the artists and for the comfort of other spectators, it is forbidden to take pictures during The Bourgeois Gentleman. However, you can take photos of the Royal Opera of Versailles before and after the performance, as a souvenir of your gorgeous Parisian evening!

How long does The Bourgeois Gentleman last?

The Bourgeois Gentleman lasts approximately 3 hour and 30 minutes, with intermission.

Is The Bourgeois Gentleman for an international audience or French speakers?

The Bourgeois Gentleman is performed in French without surtitles. If you feel at home in the language of Molière, we invite you to see this wonderful satire.

Is there a specific dress code at the Royal Opera of Versailles?

There is no specific dress code at the Royal Opera of Versailles, however, proper clothing is required. For the gala evenings, we suggest that men wear a suit and ladies wear a dress.

Is tipping customary at the Royal Opera of Versailles?

Each spectator is greeted in the hall by an usher who will lead them to the seat. According to custom at the Royal Opera of Versailles, ushers may request a tip which you may grant if you wish. It is by no means mandatory.

I bought premium tickets for The Bourgeois Gentleman and I haven’t received them yet. Is this normal?

Yes, it’s completely normal! Your order will first be created as a pre-booking so that the Royal Opera of Versailles can assign your seat. You may see a pre-payment on your card, but rest assured that we will not charge your card until your reservation has been validated by the Royal Opera of Versailles. Once the reservation is validated, you will receive your ticket by e-mail.
Due to the large number of requests that the Royal Opera of Versailles has to manage, this process usually takes two days, but can take up to six days maximum. After six days if your order has not been validated, it will be cancelled, the pre-charge will disappear, and you will not be charged.

Is there a coat check available at the Versailles Castle?

In application of the Vigipirate plan, suitcases and large bags are prohibited on the Versailles estate (various gates in the Château, park, and gardens).

A number of automatic lockers are available at information points, where you can leave your personal belongings and luggage smaller than cabin size (46x43x26 cm maximum).