Josephine Baker the Musical

Bobino Theatre

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100% in French


Bobino Theatre
14-20 rue de la Gaîté, 75014 Paris
Capacity 900 seats


1h 30min

No intermission



For all audiences 

In French

Highlights: Josephine Baker the Musical

Josephine Baker the Musical: the extraordinary destiny of a little girl from a Missouri ghetto, married at 13, then a dancer and singer in Paris... These are just a few of the moments in the life of this magnificent artist that are recounted in this superb musical in French, performed at Bobino, and brought to life by a troupe of seven artists with an infectious energy.

Story: Josephine Baker the Musical

Josephine Baker the Musical at Bobino plunges us into the thrilling story of Joséphine Baker, one of the most inspiring women of the 20th century. The show presents her talents as a dancer and singer while retelling the romance of this free woman, who was a great resistance fighter and a lifelong campaigner against segregation. With an array of vibrant scenes and original music featuring period costumes, this is a show that sheds light on a life that was extraordinary, to say the least. And what better way of honoring that than in song? 


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Bobino Theatre

14-20 rue de la Gaîté, 75014 Paris

The Théâtre Bobino

From clowns to musical delights… Bobino gets its name from a celebrated Italian clown that worked in the nearby Luxembourg Gardens in the early 19th century. From 1816 to 1868, the Théâtre du Luxembourg welcomed Bobino the clown and his troupe, and the venue became affectionately referred to as Bobino's theatre. In the 1870s, the venue moved locations to the bustling nearby Montparnasse district and officially adopted its nickname and current title.


From its construction in the 1870s up until the first World War, the Bobino was a small concert cafe, though it quickly gained popularity. While exiled in France, even Lenin himself was known to frequent the théâtre Bobino! Following the war, the Bobino music hall quickly became the go-to location for all the latest in Parisian musical culture. Becoming the primary music venue on the Rive Gauche (left bank of the seine), the théâtre Bobino welcomed international stars from Edith Piaf and Georges Brassens to Barbara, Dalida, and Joséphine Baker. At one time, the Bobino and Paris' legendary Right Bank music hall L'Olympia were both run by Bruno Coquatrix, a well-known impresario.


Bobino finding its place… After a major renovation in the 1980s, the theatre faced closure due to financial troubles, and entered a rather experimental phase throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, hosting cabaret dinners, comedians, and even a few television recording sessions. The Bobino changed leadership in 2010 when a new director wanted to embrace the venue's music hall history and also to expand to include musicals, one-man-shows, and more diverse acts. The théâtre Bobino has finally found its place as a celebrated Parisian venue welcoming musically-charged performances of all genres.


Fast facts
Capacity: 900
Handicap Accessible: Yes, please contact us to ensure proper seating in accessible areas.
Air conditioning: No
Heating: Yes


How to get to the Bobino theatre?

The Bobino Theatre:
Metro lines: You can take line 13 to Gaîté, line 6 to Edgar Quinet, or lines 5, 4, 12, and 13 to Montparnasse.
Our customer service can be reached in case of difficulty from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. For more information, please consult the map above.

What should I do when I arrive to Bobino?

We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before Josephine Baker the Musical. Present your ticket at the reception desk and the Bobino theatre's staff will take care of you.

How long does Josephine Baker the Musical last?

Josephine Baker the Musical lasts one hour and thirty minutes without intermission.

Does Bobino theatre have a specific dress code?

For Parisian plays, the dress tends to be casual, so feel free to wear comfortable attire, though we recommend avoiding caps and flip-flops. It is common for Parisians to arrive directly from work, dressed in smart-casual attire.

Can I take photos during the showing of Josephine Baker the musical?

In order not to disturb the work of the artists and for the comfort of the audience, it is forbidden to take photos during Josephine Baker the Musical. However, you can take photos of Bobino before and after the performance to remember your evening!