I Hate Paris by Jono Duffy

Théâtre Bo Saint-Martin

Show ended

100% in English


Théâtre Bo Saint-Martin
19 boulevard Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris
Capacity 70 seats


1 hour

No intermission


Stand-up Comedy

Recommended for ages 16 and up

In English

Highlights: I Hate Paris by Jono Duffy

Paris has its fair share of haters, and it’s pretty clear that Jono Duffy is just that. With a title that leaves little to the imagination, the affectionately named comedy show, I Hate Paris is a sardonic performance showcasing Australian native Jono Duffy’s comical takes on the city we all either love or hate. Who can blame a romantically-repulsed comedian for loathing the city of love? Spend an hour with him at the Bo Saint-Martin Theatre to find out what there is to find out what exactly there is to hate about Paris... the City of Lights!

Story: I Hate Paris by Jono Duffy

Jono Duffy, Brisbane-born stand-up comic, has done his fair share of traveling. From working for Eurovision in scorching Australia to performing shows as the only gay comedian in frosty Iceland, Duffy’s been around the globe- but what is he doing in Paris, and why does he hate it so much? Catch his hilariously candid show I Hate Paris at the Théâtre Bo Saint-Martin to find out what drove this despondent Aussie to call the City of Lights his home. The answer? A lot of things that will eventually leave you laughing off your seats!


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Théâtre Bo Saint-Martin

19 boulevard Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

History and Fun Facts about the Théâtre Bo Saint Martin

The modern gem Théâtre Bo St Martin was created by 2 television professionals who wanted to start their own live show. They hunted for the perfect location and ultimately setled on transforming a comic book store into the intimate theatre it is today. Where does the Théâtre BO Saint Martin get it's name? The two original founders, Bolender and Bonafus, felt the choice was obvious, go with the shared first few letters of their names!


After opening to other performers, the theatre is now the place to discover new comedians in the Parisian theatre scene. Decked out with all the latest stage tech, the intimate setting will have you laughing along with your peers before brushing shoulders with the comedian at the onsite bar. Situated steps from the Place République, a popular Parisian hub full of choices for dining before or after the show.

Fast facts
Capacity: 70
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Air conditioning: Yes
Coat Check: No


How do I get to the theatre?

The Bo Saint-Martin Theatre is accessible by:
Metro lines: You can take lines 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11 to République or lines 4, 8, and 9 to Strasbourg Saint-Dénis.
Our customer service can be reached in case of difficulty from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. For more information, please consult the map above.

What do I do when I get to the theatre?

We invite you to arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the comedy show, and present your voucher at the front desk. The theatre’s English-speaking staff members will guide you to your seats.

Is a show programme included with my tickets?

Tickets for I Hate Paris by Jono Duffy do not include a program.

How long does the show, I Hate Paris last?

I Hate Paris by Jono Duffy lasts one hour, with no intermission.

It says this show is not recommended for children under 16. What does it mean?

Jono Duffy loves to play with slang and explicit language to make you laugh. Be prepared !

Is this a stand-up for travellers or French people?

Please note that this stand-up is 100% in English, but French speakers with a good level of English are warmly invited to come and see the show.

Is tipping customary?

The Bo Saint-Martin Theater is a very small theater with open seating. It is therefore not expected that you will tip the usher. However, if you feel like rewarding a very welcoming host, please note that a small tip of between €2 and €5 is customary, which you can give them when they’’ve shown you to your seat.
Fun fact: the French word for “tip” is “pourboire”, which literally translates to “have a drink”.