Gala Mozart - Garden Party

Gala Mozart - Garden Party Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca, Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation
Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca

Until June 28, 2024

No dialogue


Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca
10 Rue Alfred de Vigny, 75008 Paris
Capacity 70 seats


2 h 30 min

With intermission



For all audiences

No dialogue

HIGHLIGHTS: Mozart Gala - Garden Party

Would you like something truly unique to liven up one of your evenings in Paris? We've got just what you need!


On Friday, June 28th, the Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca is organising an unforgettable evening dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to close its opera season. The evening promises an enchanting journey through his most famous operas, including Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, Zaïde, Così fan tutte and Die Zauberflöte. A truly extraordinary event!


It will take place in the majestic setting of the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation, located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The Foundation is exceptionally open to the public for this special occasion. The Foundation offers a warm, intimate atmosphere and boasts a terrace with a breathtaking view over the Parc Monceau. Another rare event in Paris!


Three talented singers, Emilie Rose Bry (soprano), Christophe Poncet de Solage (tenor) and Marc Souchet (baritone), will guide guests through this immersive musical experience. Accompanied on the piano by the virtuoso Katia Weimann, they will perform Mozart's most memorable arias, duets and trios with passion and mastery in an original setting.


This gala evening promises to be memorable, offering participants the chance to plunge into the magical world of classical music in an elegant setting. An evening for the “happy few”. Formal dress required!




  • Le nozze di Figaro
  • • “Cinque... dieci... venti... trenta...” (Figaro, Susanna)
  • • “Se a caso Madama la notte ti chiama” (Figaro, Susanna)
  • • “Non più andrai” (Figaro)
  • • “Cosa sento! Tosto andate” (Conte, Basilio, Susanna)



  • Don Giovanni
  • • “Ma qual mai s’offre, oh Dei,... Fuggi, crudele, fuggi!” (Donna Anna, Don Ottavio)
  • • “Dalla sua pace” (Don Ottavio)
  • • “Là ci darem la mano (Don Giovanni, Zerlina)
  • • “Finch’han dal vino” (Don Giovanni)





  • Zaïde
  • • “O Selige Wonne” (Zaide, Gomatz, Allazim)



  • Così fan tutte
  • • “Come scoglio immoto resta” (Fiordiligi)
  • • “Fra gli amplessi in pochi istanti” (Fiordiligi, Ferrando)
  • • “Un’aura amorosa del nostro tesoro” (Ferrando)



  • Die Zauberflöte
  • • “Soll ich dich, Teurer! nicht mehr seh’n?“ (Pamina, Sarastro, Tamino)
  • • Pa-pa-ge-na!... Pa-pa-ge-no! (Papageno · Papagena)
  • • “Schnelle Füße, rascher Mut” (Pamina, Papageno, Monostatos)


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Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca

10 Rue Alfred de Vigny, 75008 Paris



If you think you’ve seen everything Paris has to offer, think again! Narrow streets, sprawling plazas, iconic monuments, and the emblematic skyline from the Trocadero… Paris’ most famous landmarks are beloved by many. However, why not wander off the beaten track for your next excursion? Hidden away in the 8th arrondissement - widely known for the Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe - an extraordinary pearl of French architecture awaits. The stunning Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation is housed in the Pereire town house, built in the 19th century by Émile II Pereire, and opened its doors for the first time in 2023. A veritable jewel of architectural excellence, it was entrusted to the Dutch-born architect William Oscar Wilford Bouwens van der Boijen.


This elegant Parisian mansion boasts classical-style drawing rooms, a meticulously decorated library, a stunningly ornate study, and a host of other architectural treasures. A central skylight, covered by a glass roof, illuminates the large hall with a flood of natural light. Truly, no venue is better to host performances of some of history’s most exquisite operatic and theatrical shows - and the range of its beauty is matched only by the depth of its rich history.


In 1975, Simone Del Duca chose this exceptional location to establish her foundation as a tribute to her late husband, a patron of the arts and a major newspaper publisher. Since 2005, it has been taken on by the Institut de France, and to this day the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation continues to commit itself to spreading the arts, letters, and sciences in France and beyond. Why not pay it a visit, and discover a hair-raising performance whilst you’re there? No need to worry about the hordes of tourists - this exclusive location grants limited access to ensure guests can experience it in its undisturbed glory.


Fast facts
Capacity: 70
Handicap Accessible: Yes, please send us an e-mail at at the time of booking so that we can inform the theatre. The venue will make all efforts necessary to accommodate your needs.
Air conditioning: No
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes (free service)


How do I get to the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation in the 8th arrondissement of Paris?

The Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation is accessible by:
Metro lines: The Foundation is accessible by the Metro line 2, which runs until the Metro stations Courcelles and Monceau.
Bus lines: The Foundation is accessible by the bus lines 30 or 84, which run until the stations Courcelles or Murillo.
In case of difficulty, our hotline can be reached during our business hours. Please see the footer of this page for our contact details.

What do I do when I get to the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation?

We invite you to arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of Gala Mozart - Garden Party, and present your voucher at the front desk. The English-speaking staff members at the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation personnel will guide you to your seats.

How long does the Gala Mozart - Garden Party, last?

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. The show starts at 8 pm. The experience at the Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca, which includes a two-part programme, an intermission and a cocktail reception, lasts a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

What does my ticket for Gala Mozart - Garden Party include?

The ticket entitles the holder to the performance of Gala Mozart - Garden Party in a small group (60 people only) and to an immersive performance in the magnificent grand salon of the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation and a stroll through its garden, a glass of champagne at the interval and a small cocktail party in the presence of the singers at the end of the show.

Can I take photos during the concert?

In order not to disturb the artists on stage, and for the comfort of other guests, you are not permitted to photograph, film, or record the performance for the duration of the concert. As long as the performance is not currently in session, feel free to take a snapshot of the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation as a souvenir of your night out!

Is Gala Mozart - Garden Party for an international audience or French speakers?

Both! Mozart’s famous arias are sung in Italian and German, but Mozart's music is universal. Music-lovers and opera fanatics are free to experience this operatic marvel for themselves!

Where will I be seated for the Mozart Gala at the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation?

Seating in the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation is provided on a first-come-first-served basis. We therefore advise you to arrive early to ensure you get the seats you want.

Is there a dress code at the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation?

Evening wear is required for this elegant affair.

If I'm late, will I still be allowed into the show?

In the event of a delay, spectators will still be allowed entrance to the show.