Françoise by Sagan with Caroline Loeb

©Caroline Loeb dans Françoise by Sagan
La Divine Comédie

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100% in English or 100% in French


La Divine Comédie
2 rue Saulnier - 75009 Paris
Capacity 100 seats


1 hour and 10 min

No intermission


One-woman show

In French on Saturdays
In English on Sundays

Highlights: Françoise by Sagan with Caroline Loeb

From the texts of interviews with Françoise Sagan, the author of "Bonjour Tristesse", the actor Caroline Loeb extracts this monologue which brings out all the intelligence, humor, and deep sensitivity of Françoise on the stage of La Divine Comédie.

Story: Françoise by Sagan with Caroline Loeb

Françoise Sagan’s words are raw with emotional intensity and full of philosophical wisdom on the stage of La Divine Comédie. Her sharp intelligence and biting humour that holds a touch of subtlety are combined in a way that reaches out to the very hearts of the public. Sagan addresses the universal questions of life, death, and of course, that of love in a uniquely personal manner. She further shares her profound love for literature, her taste for gambling, and the importance of solitude. In this audacious yet touching and humorous monologue, Caroline Loeb brilliantly unveils her act with truth and accuracy on the stage of La Divine Comédie.


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La Divine Comédie

2 rue Saulnier - 75009 Paris

History and Fun Facts about La Divine Comédie

What do The Divine Comedy and La Divine Comédie have in common? Although the names are written in different languages and they come from different artistic domains, they are both important in the world of culture and art! When referring to The Divine Comedy, one could be referencing the book written between 1303 and 1321 and now the most famous work of the Italian author Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy, the book, was composed in the form of a poem and considered a masterpiece of Italian and world literature. When speaking of the name in French, La Divine Comédie, one could be referencing the book or the theatre located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris close to the Folies Bergère and the Grands Boulevards.


In this new Parisian venue, the programme is eclectic and open to novelty. From one-man shows to teams of theatre lovers and artists, you will be engulfed in the theatrical magic of deep thinking, harty laughing, and endless loving. The zygomatic and intellectual depth of La Divine Comédie’s theatrical discoveries make us live moments of pure happiness you can only connect to inside the theatre. Enter the theatre and discover new talents in comedy or theatre and masterpieces in the genre of one-man shows. A very Parisian place full of surprises that will be your vessel immersing you into French culture and you will not look back!

Fast facts
Capacity: 2 rooms : 60 seats and 120 seats
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Air conditioning: No
Heating: Yes