En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot)

La Scala

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100% in French


La Scala
13 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris
Capacity 550 seats


2 hours

No intermission


Classic Theatre

For all audiences

In French

Highlights: En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot)

This masterpiece of absurdist theatre by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett has more than left its mark on theatrical history. In fact, it’s left its mark on much more than theatre! If you’re a die-hard fan of the TV series ER, you’ll already know the plot of En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot) by heart, thanks to Luka Kovač’s lengthy explanation of it to Susan Lewis in Episode 16 of Season 8. That anecdote alone should give you a sense of the cult status that this play has achieved. With the biting wit for which he is known, Beckett draws us into the world of the absurd. You can enjoy this new production of a classic play by the renowned French director Alain Françon at La Scala.

Story: En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot)

Where to begin explaining the plot of En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot)… With just two acts, no scenes and no clear sense of space and time, Samuel Beckett’s play is one of a kind! Let’s just call it a classic example of the unusual theatrical style that is the Theatre of the Absurd.

En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot) is the story of two wanderers, Vladimir and Estragon, loitering near a tree one evening awaiting the arrival of a certain mysterious Godot. Their long, unexplained and now iconic wait becomes the guiding theme of Beckett’s play. While Vladimir and Estragon kill time by the tree, two other characters appear: Pozzo and Lucky. The first carries a whip and holds the second on a leash.

A play like this needs precise staging and a cast of actors who know how to immerse us in Beckett’s absurdity and humor. Don’t miss this unique play that caused a scandal when it premiered in Paris.


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La Scala

13 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris

La Scala

Wedged between hair salons and trendy vintage stores in Paris’ 10th Arrondissement, La Scala is a newly renovated “café-concert hall” hosting a wide variety of entertainment, including theatre, dance, concerts, and circus performances. Once the first major English-style music halls in France, now remade with state of the art modular technology, the venue has undergone multiple makeovers since it first opened its doors in 1873. It made its humble debut as a Parisian guinguette, an intimate meeting place for drinking and dancing, but later evolved into a concert hall, theatre venue, and finally an art deco cinema. Perhaps the strangest chapter of La Scala’s history came in 1999, when it was purchased by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, who envisioned the venue as a meeting place for a religious cult. However, its neighbours protested, and Paris’ city council refused to give the church permission for its plans. La Scala was closed, lying derelict for 16 years.  


However, this changed in 2016 when the space was purchased by a pair of seasoned theatre producers. They transformed the space into a 550-seat modular theatre with technology to support the full range of performances they imagined for the space. Both its auditorium and restaurant feature designs from scenographer Richard Peduzzi, the man behind the Milan Scala, an opera house which has hosted nearly every great Italian opera singer since 1778. Inspired by this long heritage, Paris’ own imitation is now a gem of the city’s theatre scene with an impressively diverse programme of shows.


Fast facts
Capacity: 550
Handicap Accessible: Yes, though please contact us beforehand to ensure you get the best place.
Air conditioning: Yes
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes (free service)


How do I get to La Scala?

The Theatre La Scala is accessible by:
Metro lines: You can take lines 4, 8, and 9 to Strasbourg Saint-Denis.
Bus lines: You can take the bus to the Porte Saint-Martin stop served by line 20 or to the Strasbourg Saint-Denis stop served by lines 32 and 39.
Our customer service can be reached in case of difficulty from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. For more information, please consult the map above.

What do I do when I get to La Scala?

We invite you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot), and present your voucher at the front desk. The theatre’s English-speaking staff members will guide you to your seats.

Is it a show for travelers or French people?

En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot) is more suited to a French audience because it is performed exclusively in French. If you feel like you have the level of French to follow along—discover French theatre through this lovely piece!

Can I take photos during the performance of En attendant Godot?

In order not to disturb the artists and for the comfort of other spectators, it is forbidden to take pictures during the performance of En attendant Godot. However, you can take photos of the theatre before and after the performance, as a souvenir of your gorgeous evening at the theatre!

How long does the performance of En attendant Godot?

The show En attendant Godot lasts 2 hours with no intermission.

Is La Scala handicap accessible?

The theatre, La Scala, is wheelchair accessible. We recommend contacting us directly during your reservation to ensure a comfortable seating location within the theatre.

Does La Scala have a specific dress code?

For Parisian plays, the dress code tends to be casual. It is common for Parisians to arrive directly from work, dressed in business-casual clothing.