by Edouard Hue
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La Scala

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La Scala
13 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris
Capacity 550 seats


1 h 20 min

No intermission



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Highlights: Dive

If you’re a fan of dance, you’re in luck! The world of dance is being rocked yet again by renowned choreographer Edouard Hue, who received widespread praise for his most recent string of dazzling performances. Having dazzled audiences at La Scala in January 2023 with his groundbreaking shows Shiver and All I Need, Edouard Hue continues to leave a legacy of greatness on the world of dance with choreography that constantly innovates and challenges preconceptions. This time, allow us to introduce you to his latest choreographic work, Dive, which is set to return once more to the enchanting stage of La Scala.


Hue’s most recent creation plunges deeply and desperately into an exploration of human existence, with an intimate narrative that borders on the autobiographical. His harmonious choreography encourages its spectator to question the origins of intuition and its role in how we make choices, as communicated by seven dancers and their excellent command of physical power, technical accuracy, and form. Ensconce yourself in a performance that provokes self-reflection and seeks to question the values we hold at our very core, all through the interpretive art of dance.

Story: Dive

Guided and informed by the theme of primal human instinct, Edouard Hue’s ballet Dive takes to the stage of La Scala in Paris to explore the human spirit in all of its divine complexity. Dive sweeps its captive audience into a whirlwind of profound emotion, juggling moments of brutality with bursts of intimacy, thrusting its spectator into a captivating limbo.


In addition to his own creations alongside the Beaver Dam Company, Edouard Hue’s __ talent is shared internationally through his collaboration with other groups such as Ballet Theater Basel in Switzerland and Opéra Grand Avignon in France. Since 2021, Edouard Hue has made a name for himself as a leading figure in the European choreography and ballet scene. His work is unanimously praised by critics and dance-lovers alike, and his unparalleled understanding of form and movement continues to move and amaze fans and dancers alike across the globe. Of course, words can’t truly do this incredibly visual show justice - you have to see it for yourself. Try it out!


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La Scala

13 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris

La Scala

Wedged between hair salons and trendy vintage stores in Paris’ 10th Arrondissement, La Scala is a newly renovated “café-concert hall” hosting a wide variety of entertainment, including theatre, dance, concerts, and circus performances. Once the first major English-style music halls in France, now remade with state of the art modular technology, the venue has undergone multiple makeovers since it first opened its doors in 1873. It made its humble debut as a Parisian guinguette, an intimate meeting place for drinking and dancing, but later evolved into a concert hall, theatre venue, and finally an art deco cinema. Perhaps the strangest chapter of La Scala’s history came in 1999, when it was purchased by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, who envisioned the venue as a meeting place for a religious cult. However, its neighbours protested, and Paris’ city council refused to give the church permission for its plans. La Scala was closed, lying derelict for 16 years.  


However, this changed in 2016 when the space was purchased by a pair of seasoned theatre producers. They transformed the space into a 550-seat modular theatre with technology to support the full range of performances they imagined for the space. Both its auditorium and restaurant feature designs from scenographer Richard Peduzzi, the man behind the Milan Scala, an opera house which has hosted nearly every great Italian opera singer since 1778. Inspired by this long heritage, Paris’ own imitation is now a gem of the city’s theatre scene with an impressively diverse programme of shows.


Fast facts
Capacity: 550
Handicap Accessible: Yes, though please contact us beforehand to ensure you get the best place.
Air conditioning: Yes
Heating: Yes
Coat Check: Yes (free service)


How do I get to La Scala in the 10th arrondissement of Paris?

La Scala is accessible by:
Metro lines:La Scala can be reached by Metro lines 4, 8, and 9 which run to the Metro station Strasbourg Saint-Denis.
RER subway lines: La Scala is accessible by taking the RER E to the station Gare de l’Est.
Bus lines: La Scala is accessible by bus lines 20, 32, 38, 39, N13, and N14, which run to stations Strasbourg Saint-Denis and Porte Saint-Denis.
In case of difficulty, our hotline can be reached during our business hours. Please see the footer of this page for our contact details.

What do I do when I get to La Scala?

We invite you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of Dive by Edouard Hue, and present your voucher at the front desk. The theatre’s English-speaking staff members will guide you to your seats.

Can I take photos during Dive by Edouard Hue?

In order not to disturb the artists and for the comfort of other spectators, it is forbidden to take pictures during the performance of Dive by Edouard Hue. However, you can take photos of La Scala before and after the performance, as a souvenir of your gorgeous evening at the theatre!

How long does the ballet Dive by Edouard Hue last?

The ballet Dive by Edouard Hue lasts one hour and twenty minutes, with no intermission.

Is Dive by Edouard Hue suited to an international audience or French speakers?

Both! Dive by Edouard Hue is communicated through the language of dance, meaning anyone who loves dance or wants to discover it can enjoy this performance!

Is tipping customary at La Scala?

Tips are not mandatory in Parisian theatres. However, ushers will usually expect a small tip of between €2 and €5, which you can give them when they’ve shown you to your seat. Fun fact: the French word for “tip” is “pourboire”, which literally translates to “to have a drink”.

Is La Scala handicap-accessible?

The theatre, La Scala, is wheelchair-accessible. We recommend contacting us directly whilst making your reservation to ensure comfortable seating is available for you within the theatre.

Does La Scala have a specific dress code?

There is no specific dress code but proper attire is appreciated. Many Parisians will arrive directly from work, dressed in business casual or chic attire.

How do I know if my seats are next to each other?

Tickets of the same category that are booked during the same purchase session, in the same booking order on our website are always assigned side by side. To be sure of this, make sure all of your tickets are in the same category and are included in your shopping cart at the time of purchase.