Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church Concert Series

Euromusic Productions
Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church

Until December 23, 2023

No dialogue


Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church
19 rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Île - 75004 Paris
Capacity 400 seats


1 h 15 min

Without intermission


Classical concert

For all audiences

Without dialogue

Highlights: Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church Concert Series

This weekend, a journey through music and time awaits you at the Saint-Louis-en-l'Île church. Experience compositions from some of the greats, with arias from the likes of Vivaldi, Albinoni, Schubert, played for you live by an ensemble of gifted musicians. With a whirlwind evening of beauty and showstopping classical music guaranteed, there’s no better way to discover this captivating display of dramatic Baroque architecture.

Story: Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church Concert Series

Magnificent arias from a selection of the most revered composers of all time await you in the glorious Saint-Louis-en-l'Île church. Listen to the best of the best from a brilliant live orchestra, featuring classical works from Vivaldi, Albinoni and Schubert, in an awe-inspiring and very classically Parisian location for an evening of wonder.



Concert programme



Sunday, September 17th, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.
Classik Ensemble Orchestra and David Braccini (solo violin)
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Albinoni: Adagio
Schubert and Caccini: Ave Maria


Sunday, October 29th, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.
Orchestre Classik Ensemble and David Braccini (solo violin)
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Albinoni: Adagio
Schubert and Caccini: Ave Maria


Sunday, November 12th, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.
Orchestre Classik Ensemble and David Braccini (solo violin)
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Albinoni: Adagio
Schubert and Caccini: Ave Maria


Saturday, November 25th, 2023 at 8:30 p.m.
With the Orchestre Amplitude, the Chœur Tempestuoso, and the Ensemble Vocal de Bourgogne, Barbara Vignudelli (soprano), Thi-Lien Truong (alto), Matthieu Justine (tenor), Stephan Imboden (bass), conducted by Jean-Charles Dunand
Dvorak: Stabat Mater, New World Symphony (finale)



Impressive organ
St. Sulpice is a large, beautiful church that has an awesome grand organ, and this is a really impressive building that is really worth visiting.
3 months ago
Choir concert
Beautiful church on the Ile St. Louis that hosts choir concerts and houses a wonderful organ and is definitely worth a look inside.
3 months ago
Gorgeous, Off Beaten Path, Concerts
A gorgeous cathedral - worth the stop whole on the neighborhood. Perfect for concerts!
3 months ago

Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church

19 rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Île - 75004 Paris

Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church

First of all, why such a strange name? If “île” in French means island… does that mean the church is really built on an island? The Île Saint-Louis is indeed a real island on the Seine in the heart of Paris. Five bridges lead to this very pretty and quiet area of Paris: the Pont Saint-Louis, the Pont de la Tournelle, the Pont Louis-Philippe, the Pont Marie, and the Pont de Sully.


During your crossing on one of these bridges, while you pass by the quays of Anjou, Orleans, Bourbon, and Bethune, with their oh-so Parisian frontages whose reflections dance on the Seine, you will discover the beautiful, imposing and very well-named church, Saint-Louis-en-l'Île. It is dedicated to Louis IX who reigned in France from 1227 to 1270, who built the Sainte-Chapelle and was canonized as Saint Louis of France.


Today, it is possible to come and admire, in this richly historic church, the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the magnificent polychrome stained glass windows depicting Saint Louis, along with Blanche of Castille, another great saint. A place that remains a place of worship, but which also plays host to many classical music concerts.

Fast facts
Capacity: 400
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Air conditioning: No
Heating: Yes


How do I get to the concert at the Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church?

The Saint-Louis-en-l'Île church is accessible by metro lines 10 (Maubert-Mutualité stop), 7 (Pont Marie stop) and 1 (Saint-Paul stop) or by taking bus 63 or 89 (Paris VI University stop) or 87 (Pont de La Tournelle - Cardinal Lemoine stop). For any information, our offices are open from 10am to 6pm.

What do I do when I get to the Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church?

We invite you to arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of the concert, and present your voucher at the front desk.

How long do the concerts last at the Saint-Louis-en-l’Île church?

Each concert lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, with no intermission.

Are these concerts for travelers or French people?

Both! Each year the Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church welcomes visitors who come from across the globe. With a programme of composers originating from various countries around the world, these concerts can be enjoyed by speakers of any language.

Can I take photos during the concert?

In order not to disturb the artists on stage, and for the comfort of other guests, you are not permitted to photograph, film, or record the performance for the duration of the concert. As long as the performance is not currently in session, feel free to take a snapshot of the Saint-Louis-en-l’Île Church to remember your night out!