Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church Concert Series

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Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church Concert Series Hugues Reiner
Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church

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Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church
66 bis avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris
Capacity 1000 seats


1 h 30 min

No intermission


Classical Concert

For all audiences

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Highlights: Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church Concert Series

The stunning Sainte-Chapelle, the historic church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Saint-Sulpice, and Saint-Louis-en-l'Île have all played host to Euromusic’s spectacular Parisian concerts. Now, you are invited to discover an original work by Hugues Reiner in the magnificent church of Saint-Honoré d’Eylau. Experience the spiritually rich Stabat Mater op. 22 in an environment conducive to relaxation, reflection, and meditation. A unique opportunity to discover new music in a space like no other…

Story: Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church Concert Series

There is truly nothing like the atmosphere of an opulent church to discover a religious work. Paris is full of churches that regularly throw their doors open to accommodate classical concerts, graced with exceptional contemporary talents. The church of Saint-Honoré d’Eylau is one such venue that likes to showcase gorgeous scores from across history, and now it opens up its vaulting interior to the work of the great French conductor Hugues Reiner.


Save the date - Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, you’ll be treated to Hugues Reiner’s Stabat Mater op. 22, a piece that is guaranteed to touch the souls of all who are privy to it. The soprano Anne-Cécile Laurent, alto Guillemette Laurens, tenor Joachim Bresson, and baritone Nicolas Bercot will dazzle you with their extraordinary vocal capabilities accompanied by the Hugues Reiner International Choir. At the forefront: Hugues Reiner himself, leading his troupe of sensational musicians with gusto.



Concert Programme

Tuesday, March 19th, 2024 at 8:30 p.m.
With Laurent de Gaulle (narration), Rina Tawil (soprano), Anne-Cécile Laurent (soprano), Yana Boukoff (mezzo-soprano), Guillemette Laurens (alto), Joachim Bresson (tenor), Nicolas Bercot (baritone), and the Hugues Reiner International Choir.
Hugues Reiner: Stabat Mater op. 22


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Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church

66 bis avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris

History and Fun Facts about the Saint-Honoré d’Eylau Church

Rich with history and culture, the Saint-Honoré d’Eylau Church has even served as the venue for the funeral of the great French couturier Christian Dior — a service that attracted nationwide interest. Where better than this opulent architectural marvel to serve as the final resting space for an icon of fashion and design?
Discover the visual splendour and captivating history of the Saint-Honoré d’Eylau Church, nestled in the heart of Paris’s 16th arrondissement. Initially constructed to serve as a temporary chapel annex to its ancient counterpart, this church remains standing as a veritable hidden gem amongst Paris’s long list of gorgeous chapels and churches.


Indulge in the serene, spiritual atmosphere cultivated by this awe-inspiring space. Observant eyes will appreciate the myriad architectural details on offer, including the slender metal pillars that preserve the structure of this unique interior space. Setting this church apart from the crowd is its exquisite Art Deco glass roof, as created by Félix Gaudin with reference to designs by Eugène Grasset and Raphaël Freida. The spellbinding atmosphere of the hushed crypt will charm spectators, having been adapted into an events space over a decade ago. For a change of taste, explore the adjacent chapel of Sainte-Thérèse-de-l’Enfant-Jésus, imbued with all the elegance of Art Deco and adorned with remarkable murals by Alfred Sauvage illustrating the seven sacraments.


The soul of this sacred space can only be truly experienced with an in-person visit. Why not go beyond the doors of this historic venue and discover it for yourself? You may just be treated to an evening of magnificent classical music to complement the delightful architecture!


Fast facts
Capacity: 1000
Handicap Accessible: No
Air conditioning: No
Heating: No
Coat Check: No


How do I get to Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church in the 16th arrondissement of Paris?

The Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church is accessible by:
Metro lines: The church is accessible by the Metro lines 2 or 6, which run until the Metro stations Victor Hugo or Boissière.
Bus lines: The church is accessible by the bus lines 31, 52, 73, or 92, which run until the station Charles de Gaulle - Étoile.
In case of difficulty, our hotline can be reached during our business hours. Please see the footer of this page for our contact details.

What do I do when I get to the Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church?

We invite you to arrive 20 minutes before the beginning of the concert at Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church, and to present your voucher at the front desk.

How long does Stabat Mater last?

Hugues Reiner’s Stabat Mater lasts approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, with no intermission.

Can I take photos during the performance of Hugues Reiner’s Stabat Mater?

In order not to disturb the artists on stage, and for the comfort of other guests, you are not permitted to photograph, film, or record the performance for the duration of the concert. As long as the performance is not currently in session, feel free to take a snapshot of the Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church to remember your night out!

Is Stabat Mater for an international audience or French speakers?

Both - The Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church welcomes audiences from all over the globe! Music is a universal language, therefore concerts at Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church are accessible to anyone from any corner of the world.

Is there a dress code at the Saint-Honoré d'Eylau Church?

There is no specific dress code at the Saint-Honoré d’Eylau Church, but proper attire is appreciated. Many Parisians will arrive directly from work, dressed in business casual or chic attire.

If I'm late, will I still be allowed into the venue?

In the event of a delay, spectators will still be allowed entrance, but seating in the purchased category is not guaranteed.

How do I know if my seats are next to each other?

Tickets of the same category that are booked during the same purchase session in the same booking order on our website are always assigned side by side. To be sure of this, make sure all of your tickets are in the same category and are included in your shopping cart at the time of purchase.