A night with Laura Domenge

La Nouvelle Seine

Show ended

100% in French


La Nouvelle Seine
Péniche sur Berges, en face du 3 quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris
Capacity 110 seats


1h 10min

No intermission


Stand-up Comedy

Recommended for ages 13 and up

In French

Highlights: A night with Laura Domenge

She's funny, she's cynical, and she doesn't hesitate to hit where it hurts. Laura Domenge invites you to spend the night with her at the Nouvelle Seine. Er, euphemism not intended! And, unlike a night spent with her in another sense, she expects you to pay to be there… If that doesn’t say something about her comic style, well, then you’d better get yourself moving to the Nouvelle Seine to find out more! 

Story: A night with Laura Domenge

Laura Domenge invites you to spend a night – or rather, an hour – in her company. Her comedy is cutting, punctuated with sharp witticisms, and her cynicism shrouded by her thin skin. Laugh till your cheeks hurt with this young feminist, ecologist, leftist, progressivist, sensitive soul – she’s got it all going on!



Premium experiences & options

Want a little more than just a ticket to the show? To make your experience unforgettable, you can choose one of these special offers when you make your reservation:



Show at 7:30pm + Wine and beer or soft drink

This offer includes a complimentary glass of wine, beer or soft drink.


Dinner at 8:45pm + Show at 7:30pm

3-course dinner + Champagne + Wine + Show :

This offer includes a 3-course dinner (starter, main course, dessert), 1 glass of champagne and two glasses of wine.

You will have a choice of several starters, main courses and desserts.


3-Course Dinner + Show:

This offer includes a 3-course dinner (starter, main course, dessert).

You will have a choice of several starters, main courses and desserts. Drinks are not included.


2-Course Dinner + Show:

This offer includes a 2-course dinner (starter + main course -OR- main course + dessert).

At the restaurant, you will have a choice of several starters, main courses and desserts. Drinks are not included.



Appetizers to share: Seasonal vegetable tempura & bittersweet dip (green bean, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, okra) -OR- Homemade hummus with cilantro & eggplant caviar

Main course: Sea bass filet, mashed ginger & carrot, vinaigrette & pine nuts -OR- Butcher's choice, herb mayonnaise & flavored fries -OR- Vegetarian dish: Burratina, served with tomatoes & basil.

Desserts: Fresh fruit salad -OR- Chocolate fondant

Drinks : Wine (red, white or rosé) and a glass of champagne


All dishes are homemade with fresh products.


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La Nouvelle Seine

Péniche sur Berges, en face du 3 quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris

La Nouvelle Seine

A unique floating theatre in the very heart of Paris! 5 years ago, a team of individuals with varied backgrounds gathered together to put this unique Parisian venue on the map. La Nouvelle Seine is in fact located on a barge right in the shadow of Notre Dame itself, floating along the banks of the Seine River! Part theatre, part restaurant and bar, this venue is dedicated to one thing: discoveries, whether it be discovering new artistic talents on stage to new culinary experiences. The name itself features a clever play on words, nouvelle scène literally translating to New Scene, featuring all the latest culinary and theatrical talents new to the Paris scene, right on the River Seine!


While the onsite restaurant and bar features a rotating menu of local homemade favorites, the stage always features new upcoming artists, from stand-up comedy to cabaret. Can you think of a better combination than exploring Notre Dame, wandering the Parisian river banks, and heading on into La Nouvelle Seine to catch a show? Welcome aboard!


Fast facts

Capacity: 110

Handicap Accessible? Unfortunately, not at this time.

Air conditioning: Yes

Heating: Yes


How do I get to La Nouvelle Seine?

The Nouvelle Seine is accessible by lines 4, 10, and the RER B, and the closest metro stations are Saint-Michel and Maubert Mutualité. Please note, once you reach the specified address, you will have to head down to the very banks of the Seine river to enter this unique venue a riverboat! In case of difficulty finding the theatre, our hotline can be reached weekdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Paris time. For further details, we invite you to consult the map above.

What do I do when I get to La Nouvelle Seine?

We invite you to arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of A Night with Laura Domenge, and present your voucher at the front desk. The theatre’s English-speaking staff members will guide you to your seats…

It says this show is not recommended for children under 13. What does it mean?

Some language may offend the sensibilities of a young audience.

How long does the show last?

A Night with Laura Domenge lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Is it a show for travelers or French people?

A Night with Laura Domenge is entirely in French and is not surtitled in English.

Is tipping customary?

La Nouvelle Seine is a small theatre with open seating. Therefore, you are not obliged to pay a tip. However, if you want to thank an usher, you can tip them between two and five euros when they accompany you to your seat. Fun fact: the French word for “tip” is “pourboire,” which literally translates to “to have a drink.”

Do I have the possibility to eat and/or drink onsite?

This unique theatre on a riverboat also boasts a restaurant and bar, where you are welcome to order food and drink before or after the show. When purchasing tickets, theatre-goers also have the option to select the category including a dinner or a glass of champagne, to make your night extra special! If desired, feel free to bring you champagne right into the theatre with you to enjoy during the show.

Covid-19 Information

Specific measures and obligations may apply to this show. Before making your reservation, please check the updated information on our Covid-19 page: https://www.theatreinparis.com/en/page/covid-19