Theatre in lockdown - week 2

  • March 27, 2020
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Aysha Ferullo

While March may not be the best month to take a trip to the theatre, there’s plenty of ways to keep up to date with the world of the spectacle, thanks to social media. We’ve been posting regularly on our Facebook and Instragram pages in order to keep you in the loop during these days of quarantine. Here’s a rundown of our favourite parts of the week:

Best of social media

Stephane Senechal, a professional singer and tenor, has been known to belt out gorgeous melodies from the 9th district of Paris for all of his neighbours to enjoy. Check out this video of him in action! His kind sentiment at the end states "For our Italian friends, and for our hospital workers around the world – who at 8 pm we applaud – and so here I am quite moved because - for our Italian friends who unfortunately have been defeated in record numbers… and so evidently, for all those suffering. Thank you." Thank you, Stephane! 

In keeping with the social media theme, Christina Bianco posted a video of her singing Don’t Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl on her Facebook. Whether you missed the show in Paris, or saw it and are yearning for more, check out this video of her belting it out. We absolutely adored it. 

New online shows

It’s likely you’ve caught wind of new shows being streamed online – this week was no exception! There have been tons of new shows put online. 

The International Cirque festival in Bayeux is uploading their shows online for free! Just hop over to YouTube and enjoy. You can find various editions of the show on their channel, so get stuck in. 

Another unmissable event is Pascal Dusapin’s Macbeth Underworld to be streamed online. This twist on the Shakespearean masterpiece was originally due to play at the Opera Comique – now to play in your living room. Enjoy!

Blog articles you missed

We’ve also been keeping well up to date with our blog posts, and this week will have you informed of the eight most uplifting musical theatre soundtracks to get you through this period of quarantine, as well as an informative piece on the history of French playwright Molière's The Bourgeois Gentleman. There’s also a piece dedicated to world theatre day, which just so happens to be today! Happy browsing!

Upcoming Shows

While going to the theatre this spring and summer is pretty up in the air, we’ve got you covered for autumn. This week marks the opening of sales for the Lion King which will start its run in September. Give yourself something to look forward to and book tickets today!

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