The Best Films Set in France - Our Faves

  • August 16, 2016
  • All things Paris
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

If you've got an upcoming trip to Paris, look no further than our shows for the best entertainment in the city! In the meantime, get excited for your voyage to the spectacular City of Lights by grabbing the popcorn, dimming the lights, and settling in for a Parisian night via your screen.

Here are Theatre in Paris' five favourite films set in France!

Moulin Rouge

#1. Moulin Rouge

Funny and extremely creative, this film is set right here in Paris, near the Sacré Coeur in the artistic district of Montmartre, and neighbouring some of the most gorgeous theatres in town. Nicole Kidman dazzles in the film, both visually and vocally. The writers clearly know their French facts, as the film is full French cultural and historical references that any francophile will appreciate.

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Before Sunset

#2. Before Sunset

Part of a romantic and intelligent trilogy, Before Sunset starring the incredibly talented Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, is very unique. The filmography is done in such a way that the viewer feels thrust into the film as though following the two main characters. Another advantage of the film's style is that you truly feel like you're part of the setting. Watching it may even help inspire your Paris itinerary! For example, the gorgeous photo here is taken on a boat on the Seine river, a typical activity that tourists from around the world adore. Follow the lovely cruise by a night out at the theatre with English surtitles for an evening of both local experiences and tourist activities! (And romance, if you fancy it!)

Ever After, A Cinderella Story

#3. Ever After, A Cinderella Story

90s babies will fondly remember this one. Drew Barrymore is exquisite in this movie. It is perhaps one of the earliest "makeover" or "rags to riches" films (think Princess Diaries) and recounts the interesting and heartwarming story of an underdog (Danielle played by Barrymore) who becomes... well, we'll let you find out for yourself. It's not the ending, however, that makes this one such a goodie. It's the journey of the characters. It is described as a "new take" on the classic story of Cinderella, giving fans of the fairytale a much better background on the relationship between Cinderella and the prince, as well as her family ties. If Disney's Cinderella left you feeling unsatisfied as an adult, this is the film to watch.


#4. Ratatouille

This animated film is perfect for young and old. You've probably all already seen it, but we just had to mention it anyway! It's hilarious and adorable, and will definitely stir up your appetite and prepare your mental taste buds to try new cuisine upon your arrival in Paris! Don't worry-- it does not reflect the reality of the chefs. They are all human, we promise.

Marie Antoinette

#5. Marie Antoinette

The casting in this historical film is perfect: Kirsten Dunst immaculately portrays the naïve and gorgeous young woman that the unfortunate wife of the Dauphine was. Oh and that hair!
She may not have said "let them eat cake," but that did not stop her from tasting it! Filled with gorgeous representations of 18th century French luxury, as well as giving life and personality to the historical figures we learned about in high school, this film is an excellent choice for history buffs, or even anyone who wants to brush up on their French history before they head to France.

TIP tip: at the Louvre, near the Napoleon apartments, you can read the framed letter from Marie Antoinette to her sister before her execution. (It's translated into English for tourists.) It's one of our favourite things to see at the Louvre, and we often take our travelling friends there to see it! Be warned--it might bring a tear to your eye, and help you better understand the most infamous Queen of France.