What to do for your bachelor or bachelorette party in Paris!

  • April 12, 2023
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  • Niamh Daly

Fancy an unforgettable stag/hen night in Paris?

Ah, Paris, the city of love, lights…and wine! Every year, over 30 million tourists flock to France’s celebrated capital, earning it the title of most popular tourist destination in the world – and rightfully so. Paris is the apex of fashion, art, architectural beauty, and cuisine. Where better to indulge? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the very best shows to suit your bachelor or bachelorette party in Paris. At Theatre in Paris, we offer a wide range of shows for every kind of party and group-outing, and even offer reduced group rates for certain shows…

Whether you’re searching for glitz and glamour or fun for all ages, we’ve got you covered! Read on to hear all about the crème de la crème of the Paris party scene!

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Why choose Paris for your bachelor or bachelorette party?

If you're looking to celebrate your last hurrah, Paris is the perfect place to pop that champagne and say oui to an unforgettable bachelorette or bachelor party. If you’d like to start your evening with a dignified celebration, there’s no better place to enjoy some of the finest gastronomy in the world than the capital of baguettes and bistros galore. Serving you sumptuous sights, from the Seine and the Sacré-Cœur to the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero, the City of Light is never short on beauty nor action, offering something to do on any day of the week and at any hour – day or night! With Theatre in Paris, it's easy to find French shows with English surtitles for an evening that everyone can enjoy. You read that right - surtitles are a state-of-the-art solution to the language barrier in international theatre. Many of our shows include live projections of English surtitles above the performance, so that you can enjoy theatre no matter the language!

Organizing a stag or hen do in Paris can be a real headache, especially if you want to give the not-quite-newly-wed a proper party. If late nights aren’t your style, why not opt for a theatre night? You will find a selection of shows in French with English subtitles for an unforgettable evening accessible to all. With a host of different events on offer across Paris’ myriad architectural triumphs and historical pearls, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top picks for your stag do or hen do this 2023…!

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Cabarets perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party

Cabaret… stags and hens alike rejoice at this historical and sensual marvel! Whether burlesque or bedazzling, comedic or classic, a feast for the senses awaits at any one of the jaw-dropping cabaret venues in Paris: the very city where this scandalous show genre was born. To spice up your hen night or treat your stags, make your way to one of our esteemed cabaret shows!

cabaret burlesque dance danse show spectacle theatre in paris bachelor party stag do hen do bachelorette

Le Cabaret Burlesque

What sets the Cabaret Burlesque apart from other cabarets is not only its retro-style aesthetic, but also the fact that it’s set on Paris’ ‘floating theatre’- La Nouvelle Seine, the only theatre-slash-restaurant situated entirely on a barge afloat the banks of the Seine! Just a stone’s throw from the breathtaking Notre-Dame-de-Paris, this one-of-a-kind cabaret show is set right in the middle of the capital’s bustling heart, and there is certainly no shortage of bars and restaurants in the surrounding area. Within the venue, the atmosphere is intimate, and the vibes are excellent. The Cabaret Burlesque incorporates dance, sexiness, choreography, costume, and comedy into its stellar routine, which is likely to have you clapping along and getting involved with the festivities! Glam, rock, and glitter converge in this exceptional procession of acts. The perfect night if you’re in search of dynamism, merriment, and a good laugh for your bachelorette or bachelor party!

How to book for a group

The Cabaret Burlesque is a rip-roaring riot of retro revelry that is not to be missed on your Parisian stag or hen do itinerary! Share food, drinks, and laughter alongside a fantastic show with your friends, family, hens, and stags. If you have a group of more than 20, contact us so that we can make sure everything goes perfectly as planned!

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Paradis Latin Cabaret Show

The Paradis Latin is one of Paris’ oldest cabaret venues, nestled in the bustling and lively 5th arrondissement, just a walk from the historic Sorbonne district. In fact, it was designed by Gustave Eiffel himself! This year, this storied location boasts L’Oiseau Paradis- a dynamic dance show of epic proportions, complete with gravity-defying aerial displays, captivating choreography, glitz, glamour, feathers, and fishnets – the perfect recipe for a bachelorette or bachelor party that you won't soon forget! The perfect balance between the sexuality of a classic revue show, combined with all the spectacle and grandeur offered by contemporary cabaret. Prepare to be impressed by the incredible dancers and acrobats of this incredible show. Stags, hens, don’t miss out – this is the perfect show to knock your socks off and make your stag do or hen night one for the ages!

Premium options

The Paradis Latin has no shortage of excellent premium options to appropriately spice up your special night! Choose from three exclusive options at checkout, which entitle you to your choice of complimentary champagne or sumptuous dinner options. Two diverse (but equally delicious) menus are proposed to you via our dedicated show page, as designed and prepared by Michelin-star chef Guy Savoy. When in Paris, why not indulge in the very best cuisine the city has to offer?

How to book for a group

The Paradis Latin is a must-see stop on your stag or hen do travels. Interested? Contact us directly, and allow us to handle it for you!

Drama and comedy for your stag or hen do in Paris

Cabaret not your vibe? Have no fear – we offer a fantastic selection of dramas, comedy, and more to appropriately accompany the drama and comedy that will ensue on your bachelor or bachelorette party! Sit back, relax, and allow us to break down the best shows on offer.

comedy stand-up comedie standup paris julie collas laura domenge

Oh My God She’s Parisian!

Oh my God! Lo and behold, a real, live Parisian, upon the stage of the Théâtre Bo Saint-Martin…and she’s got an arsenal of side-splitting stories to let you in on!
French comedienne Julie Collas delivers this show 100% in English, giving you the inside scoop on what life is really like living in the City of Lights. Turns out – it might not be what you think! From ‘Emily in Paris’-inspired stereotypes to the perilous world of dating (ooh-la-la!), Julie has it all to make you rock with laughter. The perfect show to watch with a group of your favourite bachelor or bachelorette companions, and get the insider’s low-down on the idiosyncrasies and imperfections of France’s infamous capital. If you’ve made it to Paris, you’ll need a guide…and Julie’s your woman! Stags and hens, assemble – it’s time for an inside scoop like you’ve never seen it before.

Don’t worry – drinks are at your disposal at this stand-up comedy show. If you so desire, treat yourself and your friends to a complimentary glass of champagne to enjoy before or after the show. Why not? C’est Paris!

comedy stand-up comedie standup paris olivier giraud desperature housemen

How to Become a Parisian in One Hour

So - you made it to Paris with your closest friends and/or family. Now what? Luckily, Paris’ finest funny-man Olivier Giraud storms the stage of the Théâtre des Nouveautés for the most comical crash-course on culture you’ll ever see. Learn to live life the ‘Parisian way’, even if just for your trip, via this spectacular stand-up that will leave you begging for more. To be enjoyed by bachelors and bachelorettes alike – a show delivered 100% in English for your viewing pleasure! Guaranteed to have stags and hens spitting ‘sacré bleu!’ by the end of the night.

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Not enchanted by these comedy shows in Paris?

Discover our full range of comedies, both stand-up and dramatic! Whatever you want – we’ve got you covered.

Discover all the comedy on offer!

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Music shows and concerts in Paris for your bachelor or bachelorette party

Food and theatre aside, there is another art form for which Paris is recognised internationally – music! For an intimate bachelor or bachelorette experience like no other, we suggest making your way to one of Paris’ esteemed jazz clubs, where you can throw yourself into all the rhythm and groove of some of the world’s finest artists from all over the world. We offer two diverse jazz nights – read on to discover them!

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Baiser Salé Jazz Night

One of Paris’ most revered and beloved jazz venues, get your groove on at Baiser Salé! Literally meaning ‘salty kiss’, this lively hub of creativity was founded by three Caribbean brothers. Since its conception in the 1980s, Baiser Salé has welcomed hundreds of thousands of music-lovers from across the globe and continues to put on a variety of spectacular shows playing several nights a week. A selection of returning guests grace this notorious venue every week with a variety of musical ensembles and styles, from jitterbug classics to fusion jazz, featuring consistently innovative vocal and instrumental arrangements.

If you’re a lover of dancing or live music, the Baiser Salé is an essential stop for your bachelor or bachelorette party! The passion of the artists is rivalled only by that of the dedicated attendees, who are known for loving to dance with their fellow jazz enthusiasts. Get involved – an unforgettable experience awaits! What’s more, Baiser Salé is also known for its host of uber-talented bartenders and generously sized horseshoe bar. No shortage of drinks nor merriment here!

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Sunset Sunside

There are plenty more venues that offer foot-tapping tunes year-round - just across the road, you can find the charming duality of Sunset Sunside! A hidden gem of musical diversity, featuring two diverse floors. At the ground level, step into the world of ‘Sunside’, which devotes itself to live performances of acoustic jazz. However, just beneath Sunside’s floorboards lies ‘Sunset’: a cozy cave dedicated to electric jazz, electro-jazz, and world music. Both of these immersive realms can house 100 people each, solidifying Sunset Sunside’s status as one of the most animated musical venues in all the city.

With concerts scheduled throughout this year, don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s greatest jazz tunes in an appreciative and enthusiastic environment. Take your bachelors or bachelorettes here for an energetic night unlike any other, in the City of Light itself!

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