In The Home Of A Local Parisian

  • September 8, 2017
  • All things Paris
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Discover the most 'local' places to stay in Paris

If you like Theatre in Paris, that probably means you are a true "local" traveler. You do not take the well-trodden path of the typical tourist and, for this, we congratulate you!

Along with going to hidden Parisian theatres for the best French shows, what else could be more "local" than living in the actual home of a local Parisian? The next time you travel, don’t stay in a hotel. Live the city, enjoy the lights of Paris and find your inner Parisian.

How can I do this you ask? Theatre in Paris would like to raise the curtain and introduce you to our lovely innovative friends at GuesttoGuest!

GuesttoGuest Home Exchange App

What is GuesttoGuest?

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Authentic Parisian apartments

Where should you go? We suggest Paris, but we're a bit biased. Homes in over 187 countries!

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