If The Set Design Fits, Wear It

  • June 29, 2016
  • Parisian theatre
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

We are flying to Festival d'Avignon for today’s Wardrobe Wednesday‬. If the set design fits, wear it! When we see a marvellous mise en scène we just have to rave about it!

The Avignon Theatre Festival brings many different theatre groups together to display some of their best work. Among them is the fabulous Blitz theatre group. This innovative group knows just how to take their audience on a fantastic journey: through set design. Efi Birba’s beautiful work on 6am How to Disappear Completely is no exception. This skilled set designer brings the science fiction to life in for the play, creating a strong sense of mystery through nocturnal lighting. Darkness can sometimes limit what a production can do, but not for the blitztheatregroup!

And just like us, this troupe of Greek theatre aficionados strongly believes that theatre is an art that can be used to connect people all over the world, nationalities aside. They've toured all over Europe: London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dijon and now Avignon. We cannot wait till they come to Paris!