Guided Tours Just for Women in Paris

  • September 5, 2017
  • All things Paris
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

Discover a more empowered walking tour telling a lesser-known history of Paris: one that focusses on the city's many unsung heroines. These Women of Paris are changing the game of guided walking tours. As self proclaimed “local Paris” Ambassadors, we at Theatre in Paris just can’t help sharing when we stumble upon unique Parisian activities.

Women of Paris walking tour led by its guide, Heidi Evans

For the first time ever, there are now tours entirely devoted to the women of Paris. From Marguerite de Navarre all the way to Simone Veil, these tours show the side of Paris that is rarely seen: the City of Lights shaped and influenced by the most inspirational women in history. Of all the things to see in Paris, this walk is definitely one of the best!

The ladies underscoring the Women of Paris tours have persevered through the parapet of patriarchy in order to inspire, to teach, to win back women’s rights… Some of them were doctors. Some of them lawyers. Some of them entertainers. Some of them queens.

Interested? We don't blame you. You can book a tour with Women of Paris just below. If you're interested in finding out more about the tours, read on. To support Women of Paris, head to their Go Fund Me Page.

Even more exciting is the fact that our two unique, original Parisian activities have partnered up, and will soon be presenting you with the most unique tour in the City of Lights! Read on to see how you can discover the most influential women of Paris, and women of Paris entertainment... Think venues commissioned by queens... theatres that have seen the biggest stars of the 20th century...the highest paid female performers... While impatiently waiting for this brand new experience, feel free to browse our shows!

Three of the tour's guides

All about Women of Paris

Our new partner, Women of Paris, was born out of a desire to illuminate the mark of women on a city whose narrative is so often overshadowed by men. Brain child of British expat Heidi Evans, who moved to Paris to become a tour guide back in 2014, these walking tours focus entirely on the history and influence of women in the City of Lights. Heidi was tired of giving tours that only gave her the opportunity to talk about what great men have done throughout history and making occasional references to some women, very often occupying the role of muse or mistress. Her walking tours therefore offer visitors a chance to hear a lesser told narrative; one dominated by the likes of Marie Curie and Simone Veil instead of Gustave Eiffel and Napoleon Bonaparte.

At present Heidi runs two walking tours: The Essential walk - an overview of women's history throughout the ages, and the Sugar & Spice (and Women Who Write) walk - covering literary women combined with some tastings of classic French desserts. Our partnership with Women of Paris is now enabling a third, exciting tour: Women in Theatre!

This new walking tour and theatre experience will aim to shed light on the many different theatrical ladies who have graced the stages of Paris and the women behind the scenes, in managerial roles or as playwrights or producers. The tour will give a historical overview of the role of women in Parisian theatre and performance as well as sharing stories of some of the biggest names in the limelight. After all, in a city that is known for its so-called “Belle Epoque”, it feels only fair to give credit to the belles themselves…

Heidi guiding the tour

This walking tour will be combined with a ticket from Theatre in Paris for guests to go off and enjoy a French performance with English subtitles; the perfect finale to a theatre experience in Paris.

Alongside this new walking tour, Women of Paris are also working on the creation of even more walking tours! If you would like to support this business and its growth then please check out Heidi’s GoFundMe page where you can make donations for a free walking tour in return!