A legacy of musical brilliance at the Sainte-Chapelle!

  • April 4, 2024
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  • Niamh Daly

A legacy of musical brilliance at the Sainte-Chapelle!

Paris’s stunning Saint-Chapelle is a veritable gem of Gothic architecture, and remains a top pick for tourists in search of quintessentially Parisian spots. However, it’s a lot more than just a pretty building…

The Sainte-Chapelle hosts a variety of diverse musical festivals throughout the year, captivating visitors with its striking beauty and historical significance. How better to amplify this awe-inspiring space than by throwing live classical music into the mix? A selection of upcoming festivals, running from March 28th to June 23rd, 2024, promise immersive musical experiences within the storied walls of this iconic venue. See the Sainte-Chapelle in an entirely different light… read on to see what’s in store!

Explore the Sainte-Chapelle’s diverse programme!

Concerts à la Sainte-Chapelle

The Sainte-Chapelle Opera Festival

(Selected dates from March 28th — May 1st, 2024)

★ When is The Sainte-Chapelle Opera Festival happening?
The Opera Festival is a much-loved highlight of the Sainte-Chapelle’s musical calendar. This 2024, 13 scintillating concerts unfold over the course of 5 weekends for your listening enjoyment! You are welcome to browse specific concert programmes and dates at your leisure down below.

★ What makes The Sainte-Chapelle Opera Festival so special?
For the 2024 festival, a selection of renowned opera stars are set to grace the stage, drawing together elements from the past and present with their contemporary talents. From celebrated tenors to revered sopranos, there is certainly no shortage of musical prowess in the Sainte-Chapelle this year! The festival promises a showcase of operatic brilliance and a host of mesmerising performances, courtesy of musical masters such as the Paris Opera Children’s Choir, soprano Jeanine de Bique, and Alexandre Duhamel, amongst others.

★ Our top picks for the Sainte-Chapelle Opera Festival
If you’re feeling spoiled for choice, we wouldn’t blame you! To aid your decision-making, we’d like to offer you a selection of our favourite shows performing during the Sainte-Chapelle Opera Festival. Each weekend offers a unique theme, from the majestic "Spiritual Fireworks" concert in celebration of Easter (performing on March 28th - April 1st incl., 2024) to an evening celebrating the Great Arias Celebrating the Golden Age of Broadway (performing on April 21st, 2024), there’s something for everyone!

But don’t just take our word for it — explore the detailed programme for yourself and secure your seats for a journey through a world of operatic fantasy… don’t wait!

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festivals à la Sainte-Chapelle

The Sainte-Chapelle Piano Festival

(Selected dates from June 7th — 23rd, 2024)

★ When is the Sainte-Chapelle Piano Festival happening?
For a selection of dates this June 2024, savour the dulcet tones of ebony and ivory within the sacred walls of the Sainte-Chapelle. This year, the Sainte-Chapelle offers its 5th ever Piano Festival, boasting a diverse programme that celebrates the majesty of piano scores - you are welcome to browse the incredible line-up for yourself down below.

★ What makes the Sainte-Chapelle Piano Festival so special?
A host of specially-selected scores from the classical and contemporary repertoires make up the programmes for these incredible nights of music. Exceptional talents such as pianists Huyk Lee, Kellian Camus, Yonathan Avishai, and Aya Okuyama perform for audiences accompanied by a selection of astounding musicians. Romantic, baroque, and classical music (amongst others!) are all on the cards for these wonderful evenings — whatever takes your fancy, the Sainte-Chapelle can offer it!

★ Our top picks for the Sainte-Chapelle Piano Festival
You certainly can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing between nights of musical wonder… but this doesn’t make your decision any easier! Every night promises something new but equally astounding. Hear Eric Satie’s world-famous Gymnopédies courtesy of Vanessa Wagner on Monday, June 10th, or hear Huyk Lee play Rachmaninoff for an evening titled ‘The Last of the Romantics’ on Monday, June 17th. For a taste of some great American scores, enjoy works by Monk, Wonder, Ellington, and Porter on Sunday, June 23rd. The possibilities are endless!

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Sainte-Chapelle Concerts throughout the year!

Don’t forget- if you’re not around for this year’s festival line-up, the Sainte-Chapelle offers musical concerts throughout the year! Check out our dedicated calendar for the latest updates to the programming.

Browse all Sainte-Chapelle dates!

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