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  • February 22, 2024
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  • Julie Violleau

Theatre Workshops in Paris

Embark on an unforgettable journey with an immersive theatrical experience in Paris, where insider secrets await at every turn! Where else but in a city brimming with theatres would you uncover such an extraordinary theatre workshop! Theatre in Paris has teamed up with the Astoria company for an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience theatre with a theatre production playing in Paris for more than 60 years! A brilliant, original idea to add to your itinerary for your next trip to Paris.

theatre workshops in paris, cours de theatres à paris

What is a theatre workshop?

The concept behind these theatre workshops is simple: you are coached to perform a theatre piece before seeing it later that night. There’s no better way to dive into a theatre piece and truly understand it than with the help of the actors themselves!

For these theatre workshops, you will be divided into groups of six people. Make your theatre dream come true and understand the intricacies behind stage performance, costume designing, prop preparation, and the full spectrum of the theatrical experience in Paris on stage or behind, you are completely free to choose what you want to do, whether you feel comfortable being seen or not.
Everyone has their own role to play!

Once coached through the theatrical process of the show, you will perform, and present your work in front of the other groups, and you will receive amazing awards like a true performer. Will you get the Best Actor, the Best Direction, the Best Sound Engineer, the Best Makeup, or the Best Costumes award?

How do I participate in a theatre workshop in Paris?


  • • You will need to be at least 10 people to participate in the theatre workshops.
  • • After pulling together your group of 10 or more people, decide between one of the shows below and the time period you would be available to do the theatre workshop in Paris.
  • • Email us at with your details, and we’ll take care of all the dirty work and help you plan your Parisian theatre workshop experience!


  • • The workshops are two hours long and will be conducted during the day before the evening performance of the show you have planned to see.
  • • You don’t need to bring anything. Everything will be provided for you!
  • • After finishing your theatre workshop, you will be able to attend a live performance of the show that you have been preparing!

How much does a theatre workshop in Paris cost?

The price depends on your group's size. To estimate how much the workshop would cost you, please email us at

theatre workshops in paris, cours de theatres à paris

Shows in Paris that offer a theatre workshop option

As of now, there are two shows that include a theatre workshop option. Discover these iconic Ionesco plays that have been playing at Théâtre de la Huchette for more than 60 years!

What better way to discover the scenic mechanisms behind these two plays of absurd theatre.

Contact us to plan your theatre workshop!

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