Another Happy Customer

  • June 27, 2016
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

We are always so happy to hear from our guests! After seeing Molière In Spite Of Myself, one of our guests left a wonderful review on TripAdvisor that captures the essence of their experience with Theatre in Paris. Thanks so much! Take a look!

"Imagine yourself sitting in a grand Parisian theater, opened in 1868, with the famous artists and writers of the time, enjoying "Cafe-Concerts"...  
This is an innovative enterprise started by a team that seeks to bring French theater to non-French speakers. The plays take place in various historic theaters around Paris, with English subtitles provided. This gives the visitor a chance to experience not only French theater, but the uniqueness of each different venue."

Check out the rest of the review here, and don't forget to leave your own!