Saint-Eustache Church


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Saint-Eustache Church

What do Scaramouche, the Italian commedia dell'arte actor, Vincent Voiture, the French poet and prose writer, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the French statesman, Marivaux, the great writer, AND Jean-Philippe Rameau, the famous baroque composer, have in common? All these art lovers and theatre enthusiasts are buried in the church of Saint-Eustache, which stands proudly in the heart of Paris in the Halles district. Richelieu, Molière and Madame de Pompadour were all baptised here. Without a doubt the church impresses the visitor by the height of its nave which culminates at 33 meters, higher than that of the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris which is only 29 meters. Standing proudly, the Saint-Eustache church. It is one of the most visited churches of Paris. Tourists, Parisians, French, and all who love monuments, history, and art, come to admire the many masterpieces it contains such as Simon Vouet's Martyrdom of Saint-Eustache, the stained-glass windows in the choir, Colbert's tomb, the monumental work bench, the superb pulpit, the stained-glass window in the Calvary chapel, and that of the Virgin. Still continuing today as a place of worship, the church is the venue for numerous classical music concerts, of which we are excited to introduce you to!

Fast facts
Capacity: 1000
Handicap Accessible: Yes, access is possible through the glass door in the south transept, which is on the same level.
Air conditioning: No
Heating: No
Coat Check: No


2 Impasse Saint-Eustache, 75001 Paris

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