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Traviata paris



Verdi's La Traviata

Once a controversial social criticism and now the most popular of all Verdi's operas, La Traviata tells a tale of undying love and human frailty
until 12 October 2019
from 429 €
Rigoletto - Verdi - Paris Opera



Verdi's Rigoletto

A tragic tale of fatherly love and fatal desire, restructured and reimagined by German director Claus Guth
until 12 July 2020
from 379 €



Wagner's Das Rheingold

Discover the first part of history's most ambitious operatic work
until 15 April 2020
from 499 €
opera bastille



Wagner's Die Walküre

A cast of deeply psychological characters on an emotional journey of betrayal and farewells in Wagner's oepratic masterpiece.
until 27 May 2020
from 499 €
Yvonne, Princesse de Bourgogne paris opera



Yvonne, Princesse de Bourgogne

Coloured with dark humour, this opera based on the play by Witold Gombrowicz features an irresistibly unlikely princess.
until 08 March 2020
from 349 €


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A must see!

What energy! Julie holds us spellbound and had a lot to say about Parisians. A beautiful moment of sharing and good humor, and especially a must-see show you are a pure Parisian, Parisian adopted or tourist passing through "the city of love". A thousand times bravo!!


No, she didn't dare! Funny and raw, mean and friendly at the same time - with the Parisians and tourists who are numerous to spread the word about this show. ecommened to see especially  iif you want to improve your English, but above all to have a great time laughing.

Great classic

Well done!

A must see. Excellent piece of Marivaux with contemporary costumes. All the performers have crazy talent. Jerome Robart as the knight was a great. Thank you for this beautiful theatrical performance.

Superb show!

Go there without hesitation! The actors are all excellent and sing very well. Special mention for Claudia Tagbo who is perfect for this role! The staging is identical to the film and the scenery superb. We had an excellent evening.


Beautiful, sublime, true, intense, the work of talented actors is admired ...All actors are ultra talented. A fantastic orchestra, sumptuous sets ... We forget the film and live through the story and enjoy the moment .... A show that will be very difficult to match.

We both loved the show

My girlfriend and I both loved the show. The planning was excellent, they went after the performance of Vivaldi's four seasons on the work and played one more again. The musicians played with passion. The acoustics were fantastic and in no way inferior to a concert hall. Recommended.

Modern Mime

Having seen Tape Face on "Americas Got Talent", I was excited and nervous to see him in concert, I was afraid the show would not be able to maintain humor for over an hour. I am happy to say that I was very wrong.



Excellent! the spirit of the film is completely respected! Special mention to Claudia Tagbo and her comic power. The sets are beautiful; we did not feel the time pass by.