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Carolyn Carlsson - Crossroads to Synchronicity theatre libre paris tickets billets

Ballet & Dance


Carolyn Carlsson - Crossroads to Synchronicity

An intense ballet by the great American choreographer Carolyn Carlsson.
Show ended
From 27 €



Schubert Recital at the Opéra Comique

An intimate orchestral experience, brought to you by the great mind of Schubert.
Until February 14, 2024
From 28 €



Chasing Rainbows

Beyond the rainbow...
Until May 21, 2024
From 28 €
Oh My God She's Parisian an comedy show in Paris completely in English


One-man show

Stand-up Comedy

Oh My God She's Parisian!

Frenzied, chaotic, and glamorous: The hilariously honest life of a woman in Paris - the city's only one-woman show, 100% in English.
Until July 13, 2024
From 28 €



The Rocky Horror Show

A cult show that audiences can’t get enough of arrives in Paris!
Until April 7, 2024
From 29 €
tutu dance show / danse - theatre libre paris

Ballet & Dance


The world of dance portrayed by six dancers with impeccable technique!
Until December 10, 2023
From 29 €


Josephine Baker the Musical

The extraordinary tale of a woman and dedicated artist set to music, song and dance 100% in French!
Until December 13, 2023
From 29 €
Soprano performing at the Gustave Eiffel Lounge


Eiffel Tower Concert Series

Classical concerts are coming to Paris’ most iconic monument, the Eiffel Tower itself!
Until January 1, 2024
From 29 €


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A show that leaves the room suspended...

"The audience is immediately drawn in... leaving the room is suspended." - Translated from French

An emotional show that captivates the audie

"An emotional show that captivates the audience." - Translated from French

Share the moment with your teenagers!

"Burlesque, boisterousness, enthusiasm, and energy are all part of the show... Share the moment with your teenagers; they'll love it!" - Translated from French

Enough to charm a wide audience!

"This rendition of Beaumarchais' work, performed with enthusiasm, has the potential to charm a wide audience." - Translated from French

A total masterpiece

"The art of giving a massive masterpiece a light style and complete truth." - Translated from French
Gilles Costaz - WEBTHEATRE

Dynamic and exciting !

"The combination of words, acting, and music adds an extra touch of magic to this well-executed heroic comedy. A dynamic and captivating ensemble theater - everything we love." - Translated from French

A highlight of the 2014 Avignon Festival.

"A highlight of the 2014 Avignon Festival. A dazzling Cyrano where all dimensions of the masterpiece resonate..." - Translated from French

A true Molière classic

"A classic by Molière performed by a spirited troupe that emphasizes the burlesque side." - Translated from French