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Ballet & Dance


...How in salts desert is it possible to blossom... by Robyn Orlin

To use dance as a means of fostering collective understanding and healing the traumas of the past.
Until November 30, 2024
From 42 €

Ballet & Dance


7x7 Salon chorégraphique at Théâtre du Rond-Point

7 choreographers, 7 dancers, 7 minutes.
Until October 12, 2024
From 19 €

Ballet & Dance


A Wound With Teeth and Phantom by Holly Blakey

A British choreographer who combines intimacy and dance from her own unique life experiences.
Until April 5, 2025
From 42 €

Ballet & Dance


Annonciation, Un trait d’union, Larmes blanches by Angelin Preljocaj

All the creativity of the French choreographer, Angelin Preljocaj, in three unique ballets.
Until January 31, 2025
From 46 €
Bate Fado Jonas&Lander  Salle Renaud-Barrault au Théâtre du Rond-Point, Paris

Ballet & Dance


Bate Fado at Théâtre du Rond-Point

Fado... between tradition and modernity, between emotions, the power of the voice and sharing.
Until March 22, 2025
From 19 €

Ballet & Dance


Body Concert at Théâtre du Rond-Point

A breathtaking, electrifying journey through choreographic genres with an astonishing Korean troupe.
Until November 23, 2024
From 19 €
Boléro - Tribute to Maurice Ravel dance show in paris tickets

Ballet & Dance


Boléro - Tribute to Maurice Ravel

An Andalusian dance magnified by a French composer... And the Boléro was born!
Until December 8, 2024
From 55 €

Ballet & Dance


Come Kiss Me Now by Alban Richard

An exploration of melancholy by choreographer Alban Richard... A true ode to beauty and poetry.
Until October 5, 2024
From 42 €


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Joyful youth, a comedy of hope.

"We laugh a lot, and are also moved by this chronicle of youth, a comedy full of hope from which we emerge rejuvenated." - Translated from the French review

A touching story...

"A sensitive story and excellent acting in this virtuoso alternation of roles." - Translated from the French review

A litte gem

A man of theatre, what talent, he definitely brings you on a journey, so believable! He is observant and talented, a noble backstory and comforting vision. I first went with a friend and I returned with my two children ages 11 and 20.

Funny, moving and gripping...

"Funny, moving and gripping, the artistic gesture here makes sense through its accomplished form, subtle writing and powerful acting." - Translated from the French rating

A look at our societies...

"A terrible and virtuoso look at our societies, as disturbing as it is fascinating" - Translated from the French rating

Joël Pommerat "The fantasy of the real."

"Cruel, humorous, and remarkably embodied all at the same time..." - Translated from the French rating

A show that leaves the room suspended...

"The audience is immediately drawn in... leaving the room is suspended." - Translated from French