The Emily in Paris Experience - 8 Filming Locations You Can Visit!

  • July 15, 2024
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  • Julie Violleau & Fiona Reenan


The Emily in Paris Experience - 8 Filming Locations You Can Visit!


Netflix-bingers and Francophiles, rejoice — this 2024, everyone’s favorite Parisian-in-training returns to our screens!

If you’ve watched Emily in Paris, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a pang of jealousy for every fresh butter croissant she eats, every charming cobbled bridge she strolls across, or every awe-inspiring venue she passes. Luckily, we are here to present you with eight show-stopping spots that you can visit for yourself, as featured in this hit Netflix show! Read on for a selection of filming spots plucked straight from Emily in Paris’s whimsical world. What better way to prepare to watch Emily’s fourth season in the City of Love?


Café de Flore from Emily in Paris

You might recognise this café from season one of Emily in Paris. Though featured as a meet-up point for Emily and her date, Café de Flore is universally known to be the regular haunt of history’s finest intellectual power couple, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Although this café housed two of the greatest minds of the 20th century, it’s actually the café across the street, Les Deux Magots, that is better known for its intellectual legacy. Artists such as Hemingway and Picasso would drink at this popular venue, and it quickly became a buzzing and well-known hotspot for highbrow discussion. On account of its newfound pretentious and exclusive reputation, de Beauvoir and Sartre relocated to Café de Flore for a little more room and a change of perspective.

In season 1, episode 6 of Emily in Paris, Emily meets a professor of semiotics, Thomas, for a date at this historically rich café. However, history repeats itself when she, too, finds her date to be pretentious and off-putting, and (appropriately for a specialist in symbolism) offers him a symbol of her own to make her disinterest clear. Visit this whimsical café for a coffee and a croissant!

Address of filming location: 172 Bd Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
Opening hours: 07:30-01:30

While you’re in the Saint-Germain-des-Près area, why not dip in the famous Saint-Germain-des-Près church for a concert! Click the button below to discover world-famous artists in this undeniably breathtaking church!

See a concert at Saint-Germain-des-Près church!


‘Gabriel’s Restaurant’ in Emily in Paris: Ristorante Terra Nera

Perhaps the most iconic filming location from Emily in Paris is Gabriel’s restaurant, which plays host to some of the most memorable scenes from this Netflix hit. Chances are, you’ll pass this cosy and quintessentially Parisian bistro on your travels across the city — it’s positioned right in the heart of the bustling 5th arrondissement, just a stone’s throw from the Panthéon!

Although Gabriel’s restaurant is depicted as the uber-French ‘Les Deux Compères’ in the world of Emily in Paris, it is in fact an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Terra Nera! Though you’re more likely to find a spaghetti bolognaise than coq au vin on the menu, this doesn’t take away at all from the location’s distinctive charm, which is excellently preserved during filming. Additionally, for an extra dose of immersion, the manager has caught the Emily in Paris wave and now offers a menu based on the show! All we’re missing is a certain charming waiter…

Gabriel is a recurring character in Emily’s life, and this restaurant constitutes the backdrop for many of their interactions. A visit to this filming location is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in her world!

Address of filming location: 18 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30, Sunday 19:00-22:30


‘La Trompette Bleue’ in Emily in Paris: La Nouvelle Ève

Season 3 of Emily in Paris sees in a new interest in Paris’s vibrant jazz and music scene, with the regular recurrence of a venue named ‘La Trompette Bleue’. In this glamorous venue, Emily’s close friend Mindy performs a song and dance number — luckily for us, the real Parisian venue on which this fictional hall is based offers a wide range of stunning cabaret shows!

La Nouvelle Ève is the true name of this opulent and indulgent cabaret hall. Located in Paris’s world-famous cabaret district (the birthplace of this beloved dance genre!), its rich and varied history spans over a century, having offered shows as early as Belle Époque Paris, when music-hall was at its peak. Despite several artistic and structural renovations, none of its authentic charm is lost, and it remains today as one of Paris’s most revered and popular cabaret venues.

Better yet: Courtesy of Theatre in Paris, now you too can discover a show inside Emily in Paris’s ‘Trompette Bleue’!
Currently, this fun-loving venue is offering a show you’re bound to love as much as the city itself — Paris je t’aime is a veritable feast for the eyes and the ears, featuring sequinned costumes, the incredible songs of Piaf, and an outstanding rendition of the classic French Cancan — a choreographic gem that is hard to come by in present-day Paris! If you’d like to book a ticket to see Paris je t’aime, we invite you to do so by clicking here.

Offering fun and diverse shows year-long, La Nouvelle Ève is dedicated to the preservation of the cabaret art form and commitment to excellence. Click the button down below to peruse the full programme!

Address of filming location: 25 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris

Get your tickets to a show at La Nouvelle Ève!


Emily’s favourite bakery: Boulangerie Moderne

You might recall Emily’s attempt at purchasing a pain au chocolat at this Parisian boulangerie, after which she leaves with a couple of language tips as well as her pastry. Unlike most of the other Emily in Paris filming locations, this bakery retains its original name in the show: Boulangerie Moderne.

This artisanal café is owned by Thierry Rabineau, master creator of delicious baked goods. A wide variety of breads, hand-crafted pastries, and cakes are on offer at this quintessentially Parisian boulangerie. Funnily enough, this iconic filming location is situated just next-door to Gabriel’s restaurant! Why not stop by for a sweet treat after your meal at Ristorante Terra Nera?

Address of filming location: 16 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 07:00-20:00, closed Saturday and Sunday


The Eiffel Tower

It goes without saying — we would be totally remiss if we weren’t to mention Paris’s very own Iron Lady! The Eiffel Tower features persistently as an integral part of Emily’s backdrop during her Parisian adventure, making up the most iconic part of Paris’s delightful horizon. And of course, no authentic Parisian experience is complete without a trip up the tower itself…

With Theatre in Paris, you are welcome to experience a musical masterclass like no other! The Eiffel Tower Concert Series offers a series of incredible concerts, featuring some of the greatest musical talents of our time — all atop the Eiffel Tower itself and inside the luxurious Gustave Eiffel Lounge, accompanied by a hair-raising view of Paris’s glittering vista.

The Eiffel Tower Concert Series offers an awe-inspiring programme, but don’t wait — just a few dates are on offer, and tickets sell very fast! You are invited to peruse the full programme, find out more information, and purchase tickets via the button down below. Don’t miss out on a Parisian experience to rival the authenticity of Emily’s adventure!

Address of filming location: 5 avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris

Prenez vos billets pour un concert à la Tour Eiffel !


The Hall of Mirrors in Emily in Paris: Château de Versailles

Our final recommendation for Parisian filming locations featured in Emily in Paris takes us 9 miles from the periphery of Paris — but take our word for it when we say the journey is not only easy, but totally worth it.

You may recall Emily’s opulent fashion show from the Netflix show’s second season. Delicate costumes stride up and down a breathtakingly stunning interior, complete with gold-encrusted trim and skirting, impossibly decadent chandeliers, and soaring decorated ceilings. This is none other than the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, previously home to Marie-Antoinette and now an excellently preserved homage to the grandeur of 18th century French royalty.

Thanks to a selection of curated experiences offered by Theatre in Paris, you can discover the extreme beauty of this gorgeous venue for yourself! From the Chapel of Versailles, its Royal Opera Hall, or its divine Royal Gardens, the Château de Versailles offers a wide variety of excursions across its sprawling complex.



The possibilities are myriad! Click the button down below to discover the full programme offered in Versailles... An itinerary fit for a queen awaits!

Address of filming location: Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France
Opening hours: Monday closed, Tues-Sun 09:00-18:00. Book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

See all shows playing at the Versailles Castle


Emily’s favourite park: Jardin du Palais Royal

This stunning garden might be one of Emily in Paris’s most memorable filming locations. Appearing as early as the first episode when Emily meets her closest friend, Mindy, the Jardin du Palais Royal is a gorgeous natural offering tucked away in the centre of Paris, positing a secluded break from the buzzing and opulent 1st arrondissement. For a filming location that won’t break the bank, take a leisurely stroll through the manicured lawns, pristine flower beds, and impressive fountains, whilst taking in the stunning architecture that borders this public garden.

If you’re looking for something to do after your stroll, you’re in luck! The Jardin du Palais Royal is just a stone’s throw from the Théâtre du Palais-Royal — a little-known gem of the Paris theatre scene. With a history going back as far as 1637, this theatre is a true historical and thespian delight, and the perfect accompaniment for a day indulging in French culture.
Currently, you are invited to discover a twist on a classic tale by Edmond Rostand. Based on the tale of the creation of his Cyrano de Bergerac, this contemporary offering Edmond is a true French-language delight for all audiences, providing your language knowledge is up to par! For a show available to English-speakers, see The Turing Machine (La Machine du Turing), the story of Alan Turing: the English mathematician who constructed a ‘thinking machine’ of sorts that would become the very first computer.

Alternatively, the Théâtre du Palais-Royal offers a few shows throughout the year. Click the button down below to see what’s playing!

Address of theatre: 38 rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

Address of filming location: 2 Gal de Montpensier, 75001 Paris, France
Opening hours: 08:30-22:30

Get your tickets to a show at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal


The terraced restaurant in Emily in Paris: Le Relais de la Butte

This penultimate recommendation takes us to the stunning Montmartre quartier, at Paris’s north-most point. You can spot this unique bistro in season 3, wherein Emily, Mindy, and Alfie all brunch together at this iconic location. Tasty food and an immersive opportunity await you in Paris’s glorious 18th…!

Decked out in deep, rich wood upon one of Montmartre’s most frequented corners, this restaurant-bar certainly stands out from the crowd, and has done for centuries — its history stretches as far back as 1672! Just a stone’s throw from the stunning and ornate Sacré-Cœur Basilica, you are invited to enjoy a drink or something to grignoter (that means to snack on!) with a one-of-a-kind view of Paris’s sprawling Montmartre plaza, complete with the awe-inspiring majesty of the Sacre-Cœur’s white limestone edifice. The perfect lay-by for a day exploring Paris’s artistic district!

Address of filming location: 12 rue Ravignan, 75018 Paris
Opening hours:08:00-01:00

Does the Emily in Paris series reflect REAL Parisian life? You can be the judge... In any case, it's a great way to get Paris fans (even Parisians!) excited about the city, and to show it off in all its glory!

Leave the guides at your hotel and take to the streets of Paris with your nose to the wind and your hands in your pockets. It's highly likely that you'll fall in love with the city and its cinematic neighbourhoods!


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