Musicals To See In Paris In 2022

  • April 14, 2022
  • Parisian theatre
  • Christophe Duranstanti and Victoire Groz

Translated from the French version by Angela Spidahl

Musicals to see in Paris in 2022

Nicer weather is coming our way... choruses are running through our heads, we’re itching to get outside... Check out this list of musicals to see in Paris in 2022 so you can quickly cure your spring fever with the festive programming that keeps blooming!

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The Lion King

Until July 31st

I think everyone would agree that one can’t go without seeing the famous Walt Disney movie The Lion King at least once in their lifetime… no age is too old for this classic tale! A story set in the heart of the savannah, tells the life and adventures of a young lion cub named Simba. Join with your family, friends, children, or even alone as this is a musical comedy mixing exceptional music, various choreographies, costumes that will drop your jaw, and a set design that will submerse you into a story filled with love, hate, and every emotion in between the two! Immerse yourself into the magical world of this spectacular cartoon, we invite you to reserve your seats now to ensure a unique evening!

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NEW, The Improvised Musical

Until September 10th

If you want to discover a musical completely off the charts, here is your chance! Come and join us for NEW, the Improvised Musical! This typical New York musical 100% in English will give you a unique theatrical experience where YOU get to decide the ending. With the help of a conductor, you will decide the title of the music, notes, and every twist and turn you desire. Without a doubt, NEW's troupe will put stars in your eyes through all of the creativity and humor the actors undeniably show.

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Les Mangeurs de Lapin

Until May 10

Comedy? Musical? Circus? In fact, consider yourself lucky because this show fits all three categories! You’ll surely be amazed by the back-to-back scenes and the over-the-top energy from these exceptional actors. Have your mind blown by their ingenious sketches and your stomach aching from laughing because the cast of Les Mangeurs de Lapin will take you on a journey you are NOT fully expecting.

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