Where to find English comedy in Paris

  • 21, Oct 2019
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  • Rupert Comer

The City of Lights should also be known as the City of Laughs. With an array of stand-up and comedic one-(wo)man shows on offer in English, you’ll never struggle to find a night of laughter in the city. Here’s our pick of the best English comedy nights in Paris, any of which will be sure to leave you in stitches.

olivier giraud

Olivier Giraud - How to Become a Parisian in One Hour 

Until 23rd of May 2020

How to Become a Parisian in one Hour is a favourite among locals and tourists and is sure to leave you in stitches. Comedian Olivier Giraud gives his best tips and tricks, so you yourself can learn to blend in with the locals. Taking everyday situations like using the metro, dining in a restaurant or wandering the streets, Giraud reveals the hilarious and unique behaviours of the City of Lights’ residents. Playing in the magnificent Théâtre des Nouveautés, join over 800K individuals from all over the globe who have learned How to not stand out in Paris, this is not one to miss!

julie collins

Julie Collas - Oh my God She’s Parisian

Until 28th of December 2019

Oh My God She’s Parisian is playing at Théâtre Bo St Martin and is a one-woman show performed by the charismatic Julie Collas. A Parisian who spent years pursuing a career in law in the US, she has come back to present her side-splitting take on Parisian daily life. Find out what it is to be a woman in Paris, as Julie takes you through her hectic life, all in an endearing French accent. Tickets for this unmissable event can be found here.

sebastian marx

3. Sebastian Marx - The French Language Explained by an American

Until 29th of December at La Nouvelle Seine

Why is it "une baguette" and not "un baguette"? What does "ça va" really mean? How can you tell if a French girl likes you? How can you have a good French accent without sounding pretentious? Luckily, there is an American to explain it all to you.
Why an American? Because whatever the level of shameful French you speak, Sebastian Marx has been there. And if he made it through, so can you. Playing every Saturday night at the theatre of La Nouvelle Seine, a unique location on a barge in the shadow of Notre Dame! Details and tickets here.

4. Paul Taylor – So British Ou Presque (or almost)

Until 4th of January 2020

This Anglo-Irish comedian was catapulted to fame with his YouTube video making fun of the infamous French greeting “La Bise”. He even managed to land a series with the French channel Canal+ called “What the Fuck France”, in which he angrily recounts the strange French ways he has encountered as an expat. However, he never gave up his stand-up roots and his most recent show #FRANGLAIS was a success, which led him to produce another comedy show may jut top the first, So British Ou Presque. Paul Taylor will be performing this hilarious standup comedy in  The Flow Paris. The show claims to be 50% in English, with the same concept as his first show #Franglais. This whole new concept will have you at the edge of your seat, trying to catch your breath from the constant laughing.

the great british american comedy night

5. The Great British American Comedy Night

Every Saturday at 7pm

If you’re a great fan of stand-up, The Great British American Comedy Night will be your rock in Paris. Every Saturday at 7pm, Brits and Yanks unite to put on a soirée of top quality entertainment, and most importantly, the entry fee includes a drink. A host will be there to introduce around five acts, and they always make sure to cater to a range of different comedic tastes. Taking place in a range of different venues, the event has in recent months been tending to choose Jardin Sauvage in Quai d’austerlitz as its home. Follow this link to find details about the upcoming nights.

comedy night

6. New York Comedy Night

Time and date varies

The little brother of The Great British American Comedy Night, New York Comedy Night is hosted by the brilliant Sebastian Marx and has the quirk of featuring predominantly comedians from the Big Apple. Taking place in a range of venues across Paris, head over every other Sunday at 8pm for a great atmosphere and plenty of laughs. You can find the schedule here.

7. Krishna Bagadiya

Every Friday at 8: 45 pm

Fresh from his recent show “I don’t sell flowers”, Mumbai native Krishna Bagadiya continues to make a mark on the Paris stand-up scene with his cutting observations and absurdist sketches. With his quintessential Indian accent, Kishna offers a fresh opinion on what it means to live in Paris as a South Asian. He doesn’t hold back, and will make fun of any nationality, whether it be the French, the British, or even his own fellow citizens. Krishna regularly hosts Bollywood comedy nights, so be sure to check and see if he's playing!

Added bonus! The following comedians regularly go on tour with English comedy shows in Paris, don't forget to check if they're playing!

  • Becoming Maman, a show about being an expat mother in France by British Amber & American Sarah
  • London Paris Roam, an original comical musical about with Sarah Tullamore about travelling and life abroad as a woman of a certain age

Whether they be 100% in English, or in French with English subtitles, there's always comedies playing in Paris!

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