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  • Aug 12, 2019
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Ah yes, September, the month that Parisians normally transition from vacation mode to work mode, but don’t get it twisted because this does not stop locals from organizing new and exciting events this month. Why do you think that Paris is recognized as the city that never sleeps? there’s always something to do! September is known to have nice weather, there might be a few raindrops now and then, but the sun will no longer be beaming on your face as you stroll through the streets of Paris. Today we will be giving you the 411 on our top pick of things to do in Paris this September.

friends laughing

Comedy is back!

Not French? Not a problem! If you want to learn how to fit in with the Parisians the solution is simple, you can go watch How to Become a Parisian in One Hour by comedian Oliver Giraud in Théâtre des Nouveautés. This comedy show will have you laughing non-stop, while at the same time giving you a few tips on how to not stand out. Now if you’re having trouble understanding the difference between bonjour and bonsoir and you’re not sure why people look at you strange when you talk loud, Sebastian Marx will give you all the details you need to know about the French language in his one-man standup comedy showThe French Language explained by an American.

a DJ and a large crowd

Ready to rave in the Techno Parade?

If you’re in the mood to sweat, dance, and rave then you’re in luck because Techno parade (which is free to the public) will be hosting its 21st anniversary with 200 DJs from around the world. Party tanks will fill the streets of Paris on the 11th arrondissement, comprising of various DJs on turntables playing music for a large crowd. If this is not your scene, we suggest avoiding this area because it will be jam-packed with people partying and having the time of their lives.

comedian Sebastian Marx

Pop into the Pop Market

Looking for something less traditional and more trendy? the Pop Market is not your ordinary market, it is a modern point consisting of 300 meters and fresh food stalls mixed with culinary masterpieces. This area was a previous RATP site until the friendly market took over this year in early June. This place is also heaven to meat lovers, so if you’re a carnivore you’ll be sure to fall in love because Pop Market has a special BBQ section topped with everything meat. Don’t even get us started with their bars! If your mouth is feeling a bit dry from all that delicious food you’ve been eating in the market, you can walk to one of the bars which offer artisanal drinks and biodynamic wines. Unfortunately, the Pop Market will only be around until October 15.

women running

La Parisienne Women's Race

Taking place in the heart of Paris the 22nd annual all women’s race is back on track! This 7-kilometer race is a fun activity for individuals of all ages, It’s also a big driver for mothers who need some mother-daughter bonding time. Not only do you get the chance to be fashionably creative when dressing up for the La Parisienne, but you would also be supporting a good cause, that is breast cancer awareness. Running side by side next to more than 25,000 powerful women can be a breathtaking experience (literally), but if running is not your thing there is also an option to walk. If you’re up for the challenge, one click on the link will direct you to the website’s registration form.

Paris fashion week

Style it up with Paris Fashion Week

The city of love, lights, and FASHION! Parisian men and women are always dressed to impress and are recognized to have a unique sense of style. This month you can live through that experience during PDW2019 (Paris Design Week). This event is well known worldwide and if you are one of those enthralling individuals who feel a deep connection with the fashion world then we recommend you swing by to check out this Autumn’s collection releases from more than 100 designers.

Open Air Clubbing in The Beach of Gazart

Beach party in Paris? Yeah, you read that right. Filled with soft white sand, La Villette is helping this heat become bearable through The Beach of Gazart. This outdoor concert will have you jumping up from your beach chair and start dancing to the music played by the gifted DJs on the stand. The scheduled concerts can be found on LaPlage de Gazart’s Facebook page.

Louvre museum

Perks of European Heritage Days

If you are planning to come in the third week of September, then you have been struck by luck! Because from the 21-22nd of September you will be able to enter museums and historical monuments as well as get guided tours for FREE! If you’re feeling a little rebellious you can alsovisit some of the most private city and national buildings here in Paris that are not usually open to the public: Elysée Palace, Palais de Justice, the French Ministry, Gare de Paris Saint-Lazare, and Fondation Louis Vuitton as an example.Theatres such as the Mogador, which was inaugurated by the previous United States president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1919 and dedicated to providing the public with classic plays such as Beauty and the Beast, Mama Mia, and Cats will also be open for free visits during European Heritage Days. If you are not in town for these dates you can also go into certain museums for free on the first Sunday of September. Details

ghost the musical

Broadway’s Ghost, the Musical

If you’ve seen the 1990 movie Ghost with the oh so handsome Patrick Swayze and the beautiful Demi Moore then you know Ghost the Musical will be an incredible show. This Broadway hit will have you laughing, crying, fantasizing, and leaving you at the edge of your seat with all the ongoing suspense in Théâtre Mogador. For those who want a quick rundown on what this musical is about were here to give you all the details. Ghost is a story about a man whose spirit after his death stayed in the real world to protect his one true love and must overcome some obstacles in order to save her life with the help of a psychic who is the only one that can hear him. Will he succeed in saving the love of his life? The only way to know is by checking out the show!

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A couple sitting by the garden

Garden Festival September 14-15

Are you a nature lover? Then oh boy do we have good news for you! During September, we celebrate Fête des Jardins, which translates to Garden Festival in English. During this event, various activities are organized including gardening workshops, guided tours based on the history behind the park, concerts, and if you’re into hula dancing there will be a Hawaiian dance show in Parc Montsouris. The festival will take place in more than 150 parks in the city. Now that the locals are back to their regular scheduled work hours, visitors of all ages will have more room to enjoy the posh parks of Paris.

van gogh exhibition

Van Gogh’s Starry Night

If you want to sink into the world of Van Gogh and feel as if you were in one of his paintings, then the Atelier des Lumiéres is the place to be. With a combination of moving images all consisting of Van Gogh’s most renowned artwork and soft classical music, it is easy to get lost in this immersive experience as if you were but a mere silhouette within the paintings, surrounded by walls fully covered in Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Sunflowers. This exhibition is one to not be missed.

Eiffel tower concert

The Eiffel Tower Concert Series won’t be here for long.

A unique way to admire the iron lady in Paris (The Eiffel Tower) is by visiting this beloved jewel during the night while listening to the mesmerizing sounds of Mozart, Vivaldi, Puccini, and many other classical melodies performed through violins and an orchestra in the Eiffel Tower Concert Series. Many have reviewed this concert as an unforgettable experience!

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Paris in autumn

Autumn Festival September 10

Art lovers from all over the world come to Paris during this perfect season where the leaves turning an auburn color is considered art itself and music fills the air during the Autumn Festival. Entailing of dance shows, music concerts, visual art, and film screening, the anticipated celebration attracts more than 150,000 visitors annually. What’s superb is the fact that the Autumn Festival assists in helping emerging artists expose their talent and every year there is always something new on the table for the audience to enjoy.

king tut

The Curse of the Pharoah: Toutânkhamon Exposition

Has your dream always involved visiting Egypt and witnessing the staggering tomb of the Egyptian King Tut? Well now is the time to feel a little closer to that vision here in Paris while visiting the Toutânkhamon Exposition in La Villette. If “The curse of the pharaoh” rings a bell, then you likely know who King Tut is. More than 150 original artifacts from young Pharaoh Toutânkhamon’s tomb will be exposed to the public eye. 50 never before seen items from 1336 BC have been transported from Egypt to Paris for the first and limited time!


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