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You can expect to feel the difference in temperature this October, it is the time of the year when the weather at the beginning of the month can feel warm during the day and a bit cooler throughout the night, but as we get closer to November the weather will shift from warm to cold and wet. We suggest packing a couple of jackets and cozy socks. The pro’s about October in Paris is the fact that the city is always lively, the cold does not affect Parisians’ schedule and there will always be something to do. Get the notepad on your phone ready or maybe you’d prefer the old- fashioned way a pen and paper to write this down because we are about to drop the most exciting events this October.

man playing with fire

Witness art come to life during White night: October 5

It’s that time of year again, Nuit Blanche “White Night” is back yet again. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is one of the greatest days or should we say nights of the year in Paris because you get to observe the work of some of the most brilliant artists showcasing their contemporary artwork with a whole new approach. If you’re contemplating whether to go or not due to transportation, there is nothing to worry about because for only this day public transportation will be open all night long. It works out well if you’re a night person, and if you’re not you should still go because you will be impressed with this out of the ordinary concept. Did we mention this is a free event? This year’s new tactic is called the moving White Night since artists will present their designs with a vibrant parade around the town featuring dancers and musicians. The program can be found on their website (may need google translation).

actors from ghost the musical

Ghost the musical will make you feel all types of emotions

Do you remember Patrick Swayze in that exhilarating movie called Ghost from the 1990’s where he was tragically murdered but his spirit came back because he sensed that his girlfriend played by the beautiful Demi Moore was in danger and he then asks for help from a psychic who is the only one that can see him in order to warn his girlfriend Molly? Well now is the time to relive that thriller. Currently playing in Théàtre Mogador is the Broadway hit musical inspired by this movie. Ghost the musical is full of suspense and the scenes will have you laughing, gasping, and in tears towards the end but we won’t ruin the play for you we just want to let you know that it’s a must-see, can’t miss type of act.

Get tickets to watch Ghost the Broadway hit musical

fountain show with fireworks

Stunning fountain show in Chateau de Versailles

This is your last chance to enjoy Chateau de Versailles’ musical fountain show by its stunning garden, which ends October 27th. You’ve probably already visited this astonishing place that will literally take your breath away with how big it is and how much walking you have to do, but there is another side of Versailles you might not have had the chance to see and it is also during the night. This is the last month Versailles will be performing their famous fountain show, displaying a water show cascading to the rhythm of classical music. Picture yourself surrounded by hundreds of people watching an incredible water show followed by stunning visual effects and colorful lighting splurging from the ground up, it will be like celebrating New Year all over again. You also have the option to take a walk around their massive French-style garden while listening to tasteful music that is sure to lighten up your mood.

montmartre wine festival

FOUR ever the greatest shows this October

A Bohemian Love Story of two men

A true story about two talented poets who lived a life that was ahead of their time. Arthur Rimbaud inspired Paul Verlaine with his moving poems and rebellious character so full of life. This deep admiration led Verlaine to fall in love with Rimbaud. Leaving everything behind, including his wife, Paul Verlaine follows Arthur Rimbaud to another country, and they begin to experience an exhilarating new life. Throughout their journey they create inspiring poems that mark their names forever in history. The show entails a bohemian life full of passion wrapped around tragic incidents and beautiful poems written by both writers. A can’t miss contemporary act in the form of a narrative from the olden days.

One accidental text message leads to an amusing disaster

Sebastian Castro has produced his first and play and one of the best comedies this year, currently playing this month in Théâtre Fontaine. I Want You (J’ai envie de Toi) is about one man who mistakenly sends a spicy text message to an ex-girlfriend inviting her over to his house instead sending it to the girl he is formerly seeing, who also happens to be a very attractive model. The problem is his ex-girlfriend is still obsessed with him. This little incident leads him into a chaotic dilemma involving his snoopy neighbor played by Sebastian Castro and other unexpected characters in his building. To avoid confrontation between both his ex-girlfriend and the girl he’s dating Guillaume will need help from his neighbor Youssouf to fix this mess, but things don’t quite work out as expected.

Mind the Middle Man

Selling or should we say scamming someone into buying an apartment can be complicated, especially if an argument from the past arises between the two friends who are trying to sell an old beat down apartment to a gullible prospector. Trusting that his friend will help him sell his apartment to a potential buyer considering Michel a trustworthy look, Pierre did not expect that an unsolved issue from a previous argument would arise right before the buyer arrived at the apartment to close the deal. Instead of convincing the buyer to sign the contract, Pierre and Michel make him the referee in their argument. Who do you believe turns out being the victim in the story?

Successful Strategies is about a love so strong, it goes to extreme measures

A delightful comedy infused with cruel intentions that takes you back to the roaring 20s. The Marquise goes as far as creating a charade of lies just to make the Countess jealous and win her love back. After losing her to another man due to a lack of attention from his part, the Marquise realizes he had made a mistake when he finds out the Countess has fallen in love with the Damis Knight. He will do whatever it takes to separate the two lovers even if it means hurting everyone involved.

women dressed in chocolate dresses

A chocolate addict’s dream: October 30- November 3

In the mood for some delicious scrumptiously soft chocolate that melts in your mouth? You came just on time because Salon du chocolat will be having their 25th-anniversary chocolate tasting event. 500 chocolate artisanal professionals will arrive to check out what is trending in the chocolate world. The program will consist of fashion shows where chocolate fanatics get to dress up in costumes that resemble everything that has to do with chocolate meaning chocolate dresses, chocolate jackets, chocolate everything, and you will also have the opportunity to take workshops and make handmade chocolates or you have the option to also purchase these gourmet delicacies. Get addicted to some of the most savory cocoa chocolates in France and from around the world with Salon du Chocolat’s chocolate tasting.

scary picture of asylum

The scariest show you’ll ever see at Le Manoir de Paris: October 4- November 17

The scariest holiday of the year is approaching, and we know just the place where you can get as many scares as you wish, Le Manoir de Paris! The crazy thing about this place is it also has a hotel so if you’re looking for a place to stay after screaming from the top of your lungs Le Manoir de Paris can be a creepy but unique experience. The Manoir Asylum show this year will terrify you, with more than 30 skilled actors dressed as many of your scariest nightmares. If watching a scary movie about ghosts and spine-chilling clowns, make you feel uneasy then imagine actually living through it in this interactive journey within a building garnished with sinister objects side and out. Take the risk of living your worst nightmare for a whole hour while being fully awake. They guaranty you will have trouble sleeping at night after this realistic adventure.

people dressed in superhero costumes

Comic-Con Paris: October 25,26, and 27

Dress as your favorite fictional character and head over to Comic-Con Paris 2019. This year there will be special guests such as Alexander Ludwig from Hunger Games and Vikings also famous writers and cartoonists from movies such as Venom, Avengers, X-Men, and Superman. You may even be eligible to win the French championship of cosplay, who knows? Get a signature by your favorite cosplay writer, watch the special sneak peek premiers of upcoming science fiction movies, individuals will be dressed in various peculiar costumes so people watching is another option. Spoiler alert, there will also be an exclusive premiere to one of the first augmented reality animations combined with a musical!

Dark side of Paris

Discover the dark side of Paris with a ghost tour

Paris is an old city that has lived through the medieval era, Guillotine era, it’s even a city where there once laid one of the biggest cemeteries in France and its remains are now in the Catacombs of Paris. There is so much alarming history with a sinister background and the tour guides of Ghosts, Legends, and mysteries of Paris walking tour are here to tell you all the gruesome insider details of where exactly all these frightening tales originate from. The tour is 100% in English and conducted at night, are you noticing a pattern here? Apparently, all the good events are happening at night. If you want to know about the multiple murders that happened in Palais de Justice, learn which are the haunted buildings we are likely to pass by on a daily basis, and all the hidden secrets that surround the dark side of the city of lights then book your tour ASAP because this is one of their busiest seasons.

music festival

Pitchfork music festival: October 31- November 2

Too old to go trick or treating? Well, there is a better option for party-goers this October, the Pitchfork music festival is going to blow your mind starting this Halloween. New and renowned DJs and artists will fill the stage with urban music such as indie, pop-rock, and electro, your hips won’t resist! In the past guest artists such as MIA and Chet Faker have been invited to play in this annual event and this year Charli XCX will be performing on stage. Three whole days full of fist-pumping, head rocking, and running man dancing.

rolex masters tennis tournament

Tennis always on your mind? Head to Rolex Paris masters: October 26- November 3

Tennis is big in France and the Rolex Paris Masters is an anticipated event. If you have a special fascination for tennis this is where you need to be heading the last week of October. The tournament is an important aspect in the tennis community considering it leads the finalist in the world’s number one spot as the best tennis player, famous tennis player Andy Murray won the number one spot in Paris back in 2016 and Karen Khachanow was the last to win in 2018. This will be an exciting match that will take place throughout the day for one whole week! There will be 48 reputable competitors and tickets are affordable at a starting price of €16.

horses lined up for horse race
crowd of people in bleachers

The best horse race in the world: October 5-6

Giddy up on to the Qatar Prix de L’arc de Triomphe the greatest horse race in the world that guarantees sport, emotion, and passion. Experience the enthusiasm of the crowd going wild as their favorite horse gets closer and closer to the finish line! 45,000 spectators from around the world are expected to attend this year’s event which offers premium service including food and drinks. Having won two Arc titles, the famed horse, Filly Enable is expected to win for the third time this year and you could be there to experience her greatest achievement as she beats this historic record. Surround yourself with an abundant amount of people all cheering for Enable in an exhilarating atmosphere.

people racing

20km de Paris: October 13

Get that energy kicking and join the famous 20 kilometers de Paris race with 22,000 other runners! And we’re not exaggerating, statistics have shown that back in 2017 there were a total of 30,395 participants. Since 1979 this race has brought locals and visitors together for one goal which is to strive for success! The fastest person to complete the race was Samuel Tsegay completing the race at an astonishing record time of 58 minutes and 20 seconds! Now that’s fast. Register for the race and see if you can defeat this Samuel’s incredible record on Sunday, October 13th.

mario kart racing

Photo property of erenumerique.fr ©

Get the real-life Mario Kart experience: October 12-13

A little distant from the center of Paris but totally worth going to is the Mushroom Rallye Karting located in Paris Kart indoor track. As a kid you were more than likely to have played Mario kart race on Nintendo or on your PlayStation am I right? Can you recall choosing your favorite character whether it being Mario, Luigi, or maybe even Princess Peach and driving through different islands as fast as you could, avoiding many obstacles on the way just to beat all the other characters in the race across the finish line? Well, you can relive your childhood memory for only two days. Having been successful in the U.S., Paris decided to test this real-life experience for the public for the first time in France in one of Paris’ biggest indoor track. People will receive a costume of their favorite Mario Kart character and get to race against other competitors on the race track. Would you be up for it?

Wine festival

Montmartre’s wine festival in the only vineyard located in Paris: October 9-13

Are you a wine lover? Mark your calendar October 9th until the 13th because Fete des Vendanges de Montmartre has finally arrived this year. In previous articles, we’ve mentioned the one and only Montmartre vineyard, again the only vineyard in the center of Paris. Clos Montmartre is celebrating its 86th harvest festival on the hills of Montmartre in the 18th district with more than 150 events. Parisians love their wine, this is the reason why when the Clos Montmartre festival comes around, they swarm the streets of the city and celebrate like there is no tomorrow especially because there is a wine tasting of local products involved. Entrance is free to the public, young and old, everyone will have the chance to enjoy the wine festival.

vintage cars

Vroom vroom your way onto Paris’ vintage car parade: October 12-13

If you are a vintage car enthusiast and you’re around Paris during the month of October, then you’re in luck because the Automédon car collection exhibition is shifting gears towards Hall 4 of Parc Expo Le Bourget. There will be cars from the early 1900s on display and private collections. If you are a vintage car collector looking for a specific car part for your ride, then there is a possibility that this event might have it in stock. Some of the cars featured include a 1911 Gladiator, a 1939 Delahaye, Citroen DS prototype model from 1958 and many others. Last year this exhibition received about 15000 visitors, meaning if you want to attend this event tickets are hot, so we suggest getting yours soon.


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