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  • Oct 16, 2019
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We know you have probably read about this a numerous amount of times, but November truly is the best month to visit Paris. So, if you’ve bought tickets for November, congrats! You’ve done well. The month may be peaceful, but it’s also very cool. No, we don’t mean cool as in hip, but cool as in cold. Though Paris does have a few trendy events during the month of November. Just bring your rain boots and a nice jacket to Paris and you’ll be set. Do not worry too much about the cold because most of the places we will be giving you the scoop on are indoors, nice and warm, Parisian style during cold seasons.

old photos

Photography lovers head to Grand Palais

November 6-10th

Held in Grand Palais Paris museum, this year’s Paris Photo event is going to blow your socks off! Especially if you are a photography fanatic, this year they will feature vintage photography from the early 1900s and contemporary shootings from over 200 other international exhibitors. This event is known to be the largest international photographic art fair that only showcases all these incredible pictures all in one place once a year. Special guests will be invited to the fair, in case you wanted to do some mingling with artists, critics, collectors, and even curators. These renowned artists will be sharing their experience with visitors and many other surprises in store.

the world of jaleya

Cirque du Soleil? why not watch the Parisian version, The World of Jaleya?

November 14

The World of Jaleya is an adventurous performance complete with thrilling acrobatic acts, exotic customized costumes, visual effects, and a 3D surround system that will make you feel as if you were in the story as well. Similar to the famous Cirque du Soleil, this is a modern age circus that brings entertainment to the audience through incredible human talent and of course special effects such as lighting and props. The theme of the performance deals with a young boy who is stuck in a magical world and is looking for his way back home with the help of his new mystical friends. This will be the first time The World of Jaleya will be displayed in public, be the first to experience the magic within the show.

Reserve tickets to see The World of Jaleya

disney park

Disney land’s Magical Fireworks and Bonfire (DMF&B) and Disney’s early Christmas celebration (DECC)

DMF&B: November 9

DECC: November 4, 6, 8

Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends or family, it’s always a good idea to visit Disneyland especially in the month of November. We’ll tell you why. There are two special events taking place in the enchanted park, Disney’s Magical Fireworks and Bonfire and if you want to celebrate Christmas early this year the park will also host its world-famous Walt Disney Christmas event starting early November on the 9th. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Having the opportunity to see Disney Land decorated in beautiful lights, listening to cheerful Disney songs, watching Mickey Mouse walk past by you in his Santa costume and imagine how happy the kiddos would be? That is if you are planning on taking any. If you are not convinced by the prices you can always head to Disney village and watch the firework show for the Disney’s Magical fireworks and Bonfire festival happening November 4, 6, and 8, the entrance is free.

armistice day

Salut to Armistice day in Paris

November 11

Similar to Veterans Day in the United States, France celebrates Armistice day, a Memorial Day where the French pay respect to the unknown soldiers who died during World War I, fighting for freedom. The event takes place every year on November 11 at 11 a.m. since 1920 since they first buried an unknown soldier under the arc de triumph in La tombe du soldat inconnu. This day you’ll notice that the streets will be filled with soldiers marching in the middle of the street of Champs Elysées commemorating their fellow fallen comrades. People dressed in dark colors will surround the borders of the street watching the procession, the president of France will also be present paying his respect and laying an arrangement of flowers around the flames of the torch on the ground in the center of Arc de Triumph. Quick notice, most shops will be closed on this day, but public transportation will be available. If you are around on this date, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this experience.


Beaujolais Nouveau wine release

November 21

There is always some day of every month when Paris creates an event involving wine, in October there was the wine festival in Montmartre. This month the French head over to the nearest wine bar and celebrate with music and fireworks the arrival of the first wine of the season. Fun fact, the French law requires the wine to be distributed at exactly 12:01 a.m., oh yeah this is when the party really begins! On Beaujolais Nouveau, there will be live music and organized events all across Paris, and of course what is a wine festival without some wine tasting. Some flavors will taste surprisingly of other fruits besides grape. Nouveau translates to new in French and this is because artisanal wine farmers use special techniques and yeast to ferment the wine in 6 to 8 weeks, quite a short time period for wine to be fermented. This is why it’s called Beaujolais Nouveau originating from the city of Beaujolais. Take the time to celebrate this exciting cultural festival with the French! To learn everything you need to know about the festival don’t hesitate to click on the link.


Where to celebrate thanksgiving

November 28

We are aware that many of our American friends have decided to spend Thanksgiving in Paris, this is why we took the time to look up some places you might want to take a look at if you are searching for a place to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, or if you are not in the mood to cook a whole turkey these are the places to go to. If you are not American but love some good American Thanksgiving food, you might want to visit these places as well. The Hard Rock café will be serving up some delicious food on November 28 with 2- 3 course meals from the menu! Roasted Turkey breast, homemade stuffing, savory mashed sweet potatoes. After all that tempting food you will be sent into a food coma. Another hot spot to celebrate the American festivity is A La Folie, a very trendy locale in the center of La Villette. You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of traditional dishes in this big restaurant surrounded by a friendly environment. If you are planning to head to A La Folie, reservations are recommended because this place will be overflowing with people on November 28.

night market

Photo property of Timeout ©

Paris’ night market

November 29- 30

You’ve probably heard of the popular trendy markets in Paris where individuals can buy all sorts of things from handmade artisanry, organic food, vintage articles and a lot more than you can imagine. Well, this time there will be a Parisian Market selling compelling items but at night! Only a few have been chosen to represent their products this year in the Paris Night Market in Parc de la Villette. There will be local products such as wine, handmade soap, fresh produce, and if you’re in the mood for some dancing there will also be a live concert held in the event. Did we forget to mention a massage team will be on-site as well? So, if your body is aching for that magic touch you might just want to save the date, November 29- 30th. The best part this event is organized to create awareness in sustainable products for a change in social and environmental impact.

flea market

Keep an eye out for clothing items in Emmaus Alternatives in Quincampoix shop and the fashion flea market

Quincampoix shop: November 15- 16

Fashion Flea Market: November 2

 Paris is a very stylish city, you can find designer clothes but at a very high price. We understand you want an outfit straight out of Paris, so why not try shopping at Quincampoix shop or this month’s fashion Flea Market? We can assure you you’ll find something unique and vintage. From November 15- 16 you can purchase good quality retro clothing articles by the kilo! Bell bottom pants are back and other 90s looks, you can find this apparel and other vintage items such as vinyl in Emmaus Alternatives in the Quincampoix shop. A different way to shop is by heading to the Fashion Flea Market on November 2nd. This year’s program includes second-hand brand clothing from various brands, 400 vendors and designers, of course, food and drinks. This event will take place in a 2000 meter space in an upbeat atmosphere crowded with fashionistas.


Candlelight music concert

November 15

The American Cathedral is hosting an amazing candlelight music concert consisting of classical music that will awake all your senses as soon as you hear the composers (who will be surrounded by candles) playing to music notes by Chopin. This exceptional night will be one to remember! as an alternative, you can also book tickets to hear classical music under that big iron monument everyone knows as the Eiffel Tower. Don’t just visit the Eiffel Tower, take up everything you can from this wonderful experience. You’ll be able to go up the tower and be seated up close to the orchestra who will be playing some of the most iconic melodies of our time from remarkable composers such as Mozart and Puccini.

reserve tickets to watch the Eiffel Tower concert


Illuminating Ocean Sculptures at the zoo!

November 18- January 19

Giant light sculptures of all shapes will decorate the zoo of the Jardin des Plantes at the Ocean en Voie D’illumination. Discover the wonderful creatures of the sea through figures made of light that will be sure to illuminate your night. Walk the pad surrounded by real animals in the zoo and a total of 50 sea creature monuments from clownfish, sea turtles, orca whales, and many other species from the blue abyss. The first edition attracted 370,000 individuals, and this second edition is expected to bring in even more visitors. This enchanting event is a must see!


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