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  • 14, Jan 2020
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  • Jocelyn Wensjoe

It may be cold during this season but let us guide you towards the path of various events that will keep you warm this February. There will be shows meeting their end and new ones that will begin! Head to a theatre to keep cozy from the cold rain. You can also put on a warm coat and march in the 23rd annual Paris Carnival this year, or just watch, there’s no commitment to stay though you will want to. Whatever you choose to do, we promise a good time! This is the perfect time to enjoy the city, locals are back from holiday vacations and frequented monuments and districts aren’t too clustered with international visitors. Not even the metro strike will phase you, everything is walking distance and there’s also the option to rent a cheap Velib bike in almost every corner of Paris.


Sports fanatics here you go, you’re welcome

Some differences may be resolved on February 2nd between France and England with a healthy rugby competition. The Guinness Six Nations Match will begin, and, on this day, you will see a lot of English and French locals in several bars cheering for their team, considering rugby is big in England. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it will be an interesting game to watch so head over to a bar or better yet head directly to StadeFrance where you can watch the teams playing live.

This year’s International Judo Grand Slam competition will be held in the Accorhotels Arena on February 8 and 9. This is the day all Judo fans, trainees, and trainers come together for a suspenseful sight where the best of the best athletes go head to head and compete to give more than 24,000 spectators a unique show. You can also participate if this is your scene.

the opera locos

Kooky Opera show

Only two dates left to watch this kooky show that is nothing like your ordinary operetta. The Opera Locos will be having their last performance on February 1 and 2, so it’s now or never! If you’re looking to relax and de-stress this may be an option to help with that, they say laughter is the best medicine. Five unusual opera singers are traveling the world to get a chuckle out of spectators revealing hidden passion in a cozy stage barely large enough to fit their big egos. The show combines several music genres including opera of course and modern pop songs. The perfect spectacle for family and friends.

Book tickets to The Opera Locos


Paris Carnival parade 2020

You’ve heard of Mardi Gras, but have you ever heard of the Paris Carnival? With the same celebration spirit, locals get together in the streets of Paris and organize an exciting parade to ignite happiness amongst everyone who joins. The parade is not as big as the one in Brazil but there will be so much to do and a lot to see. Picture yourself surrounded by a lively crowd of people dressed in costumes and full of color following the procession. Both children and adults are invited to join in the fun. This year’s theme is “A Fantastic Air World” and will take place on February 23 in Place Gambetta in the 20th arrondissement starting at 14h. This may be an event held outside in the cold, but you may not even feel it with all the walking.

fro-frou les bain

FrouFrou the musical welcomes you!

Froufrou Hot spring is open for business once again, but what’s going on with the water? The spa seems a little dry, but this doesn’t seem to be the central issue in the hotel. This musical that will have your head spinning with unpredictable events and love disorientation. Entertaining in every way possible with tap dancing, singing, and a storyline that will be the theoretical cherry on top of the cake of your day. The new show was inspired in the 1920s and was polished to fit modern comedy, while still maintaining its original brilliance.

Book tickets to see FrouFrou the Musical


Moooove on over to Paris’ international agricultural show

From February 22- March 1 the international agricultural show will be in the city of Paris taking place in Parc des Expositions. With 1000 exhibitors coming to the city to educate those who don’t already about the agricultural world. There will be food, all sorts of lively animals you can meet, regional products to buy and take home, and so much more. Discover the latest innovation in the farming industry and where most agricultural products in France come from. 


Crêpe party anyone? La Chandeleur

Get ready for the biggest crepe festivity in France on Sunday, February 2nd! Traditionally La Chandeleur is a Christian celebration that takes place in France every 2nd of February, exactly 40 days after Christmas. La Chandeleur being translated to Candlelight which is what Christ is represented as in Israel, and what’s the closest looking object to light? A nice golden Crêpe! Well, that’s the myth just like many others as to why people hold pancake tasting on this day, but we won’t go too much into detail. Just enjoy this day by eating a hardy dish of Crêpes or pancakes, your choice. We’re sure you’ll find many places that will serve crepes on this day around your area, keep a lookout.


Visit unseen Parisian spots with Face Cachee

Can you keep a secret? There is a not so top secret yet uncommon event "Face Cachee" you can register for in order to visit hidden places in Paris that are not seen by many on a usual day to day basis and are only open for certain people three days a year. It is necessary to signup on January 17 and the random personal tour will take place from January 31st- February 2nd. Its as simple as choosing one place you wish to visit out of 120, get assigned someone to meet, then get together in a specific meeting location (which is kept a secret). Space is limited so signup as soon as possible on January 17th. The website is in French, but everyone is welcomed to join.


The Misanthrope, played by Moliére himself…once upon a time

Imagine despising humanity for being dishonest at times, something that just comes naturally to them. Well in the French playwright by Moliére this is the exact case for the main character, though the playwright is French the show is displayed with English subtitles to make it more suitable for international guests. Fun fact about The Misanthrope, when it was released for the first time in 1666 the main character Alceste was played by Moliére himself and his lover Célimène was played by his wife. Imagine watching Moliére in full action in Palais Royal! Currently, the humorous show is being exhibited in Théâtre le Ranelagh. Reserve tickets to this classic and enjoy the show! Playing all February long.

Reserve tickets to Moliére's The Misanthrope


Final days of Les Soldes (70- 80% in sales).

Savvy locals know to wait until the beginning of February more specifically February 4th for final sales on all items on various stores, why? Because this is when the true discounts emerge. Buyers can find items as crazy low as 70- 80% off in both local boutiques and chain stores. Just think of Les Soldes as the Black Friday of France. If you’ve been saving up to purchase an affordable winter coat for this winter now is the chance, these big sales only happen twice a year. Some stores even have sales on summer clothes so be on the lookout because summer is just around the corner, sort of.


Christian Louboutin exhibition

If you want more information relating to the fashion world, good news! There will be a Christian Louboutin exhibition on February 25 and will go on until July 26. The complete exhibition will be dedicated to Christian Louboutin’s inspiration when designing all his material. His love for art and culture is one of the aspects that make his work so amazing. The exposition will also disclose new projects ahead with other artists. For those who don’t know Christian Louboutin was born here in Paris, and his city inspired a lot of his work, but one specific place Palais de la Porte Dorée where this exhibition will take place invigorated him the most.


Can- Can you handle all that heat in Paradis Latin?

In the world of cabarets, there are far many venues to choose from, but do any of them have miss universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere performing in the show? Paradis Latin does. With a seating space cozier than that of Lido and bigger that of Crazy Horse Paris, Paradis Latin brings fun and ultimate experience to all audience members going to see the show. With special lighting effects and a fun theme. This fine French can-can show attracts more locals than visitors, but everyone is welcome. They will have a show displaying all of February.

Book tickets to Paradis Latin

classic concert

Chamber music in Opera Garnier

No need to picture yourself watching a show or a concert inside Opera Garnier any longer because there are now affordable tickets to watch a chamber music concert composed of a Paris Opera Orchestra that will blow your mind! In the concert, you will find an instrumental group of different horizons, from German, Italian, South American, and other origins. The diversity in culture is what makes the concert unique, dividing the programme in themes. With these tickets, you will advantageously receive a glass of champagne upon your arrival to enjoy the concert with some good old French bubbly. How amazing is that!? The concert will be held on February 9th, save the date.

Book tickets to Opera Garnier's Chamber Music Concert

paradis latin

Big artists coming to Paris…enough said

Well known and internationally acclaimed artists will be coming soon to Paris, and it seems they all planned to have their concert this February. Coincidence? We think not! More like luck. You will have to choose between DJ Snake and The Jonas Brothers concert though, oofff tough choice we know. The artists who will have their 2020 concerts this year are:

1. Madonna- February 18 in The Grand Rex

2. The Jonas Brothers- February 22 in Accohotels Arena

3. DJ Snake- February 22 in Paris La Defense Arena

4. Halsey-  February 17in Palais Des Sports


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