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Winter holiday season is here and what better place to celebrate than in Paris? Bright Christmas lights in every corner of every district, Pure cocoa hot chocolate, traditional Christmas markets, and old-fashioned ice skating! Yet there is so much more to do in December besides the classic events, there are also big winter parties, exciting exhibitions, and even the first-ever vegan Christmas market in Paris. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Theatre in Paris is here to give you the 411 on where else you can go to have a good time in Paris during December.

roller skates

Roller skating: December 14

If ice- skating is too chilly for you, before Christmas there will also be a roller-skating disco party in La Grande Surface. A three leveled building with a unique concept that just opened this year is ready to spark up some excitement during the holiday seasons and opening their doors to everyone who is up for an enduring experience in an artistic ambiance and practice their roller-skating skills. A raging idea that is taking over is attracting many guests, who wouldn’t want to skate in four wheels while listening to live music on the turntables from local Parisian DJ’s. If you don’t have any skates it is not a big deal, skates can be provided for you in the venue. All you need to do is bring good vibes and 5 euros. Be advised that the event information is in French.

Paris exhibitions

Exceptional Exhibitions:

Charlie Chaplin exposition: Now- January 26

Leonardo da Vinci exposition: Now- February 24

Two exceptional exhibitions are presented in Paris this month, Charlie Chaplin and Leonardo da Vinci’s exposition. In the Philharmonie de Paris, the cinematographic silent movie star from the 1920s is giving life to the biggest music museum of Paris. Composed of vintage photographs, private documents, and of course an orchestra expressing his silent yet expressive form of art concerning Charlie’s life career and childhood memories. From the moment he was discovered in the UK to his rise in fame in the United States, you’ll see it all through the sound of music.

If you swing by the Louvre Museum this winter be sure to check out the Leonardo da Vinci exposition being held in the Napoléon hall conveniently under the pyramid. This year marks the 500th anniversary of one the greatest artist of our past times, what better way to honor his hard work than to proudly display all his life’s work including 22 drawings in the most acclaimed museum in Paris. Leonardo da Vinci was an incredible artist with an eye for beauty and brought his paintings to life.

Holiday fair

Holidays fair at La Villette: December 7

For the fourth year in a row a family funfair comes to town this December in La Villette, a stadium where many events take place and memories are made. At the fair, there will be rides big and small, arcade games, acrobat shows, and many other attractions. Similar to the Jardin des Tuileries holiday fair, the carnival in La Villette is a bit larger with sixty attractions and stands offering a variety of goods and games. Jours de Fêtes is an inexpensive option for family fun considering there’s something for everyone, for young to old. The rides can cost from 2- 10 euros. The fair will only be around for one month so if you want to take part in this fun event you need to be fast!

holiday shows

6 of the best theater shows to watch during the holidays

An American in Paris (December 6- January 1): 4-time Tony Award-winning musical An American in Paris was inspired by the movie. The musical is a classic love tale about an American veteran who recently moved to Paris to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist but instead finds himself falling in love with a beautiful Parisian woman. What the main actor did not expect was finding out that the woman he is in love with is engaged to another. We won't spoil the rest, but this show is a must-see.

Swan Lake (December 26- January 5): Swan Lake is the most iconic ballet recital in history, admired by spectators all over the world for many generations. Depicting the battle between love and its barriers. Originally created by Tchaikovsky, the performance revived by director Viktor Oliynyk will be displaying this December in Théâtre des Champs- Élysées. A timeless love story composed of grace and elegance, the perfect holiday show.

I Love Piaf (November 29- January 3): It's back! I Love Piaf, which tells the story of the famous French artist Edith Piaf is back yet again this holiday season, but not for long so don't miss your chance to watch the fun musical narrating a glimpse of France's icon Edith Piaf or as most people know her, the singer of "La Vie En Rose".

Sainte Chapelle concert (December 20- December 31): The beautiful medieval church that has been around for centuries and is recognized for its extravagant stained-glass windows has something special in store this December for classical music lovers. Sainte Chapelle will be displaying an array of classical songs composed by Bach, Vivaldi, and Strauss along with a combination of classic Christmas songs. Jingle bells, Sweet night, and many other emotional orchestrated compositions.

The Opera Locos (November 29- February 2): Get crazy and have a laugh with The Opera Locos, a play infused with opera and humor. Five diva opera singers are sure to get a chuckle out of audience members with their out of the ordinary performance consisting of a confusing love triangle. Director Joe O’Curneen has achieved to integrate classic songs from Puccini, Mozart, and Hoffman while also adding a little modern-day music.

Preljocaj’s Gravity (December 27- December 31): This ballet piece will have you questioning the concept of gravity through movement, a recital produced by Angeline Preljocaj. Angeline believes gravity is what keeps the dancers on the ground and in order for them to defy gravity and the notion of weight, speed, and space the dancers must perform leaping movements within the choreography itself.

Book your ticket!

hot chocolate

Have the best hot chocolate in town

It’s cold outside and what can warm you up better than a nice glass of delicious thick hot chocolate! If your mouth isn’t watering after picturing pure cocoa chocolate, then this is because you haven’t tasted the best hot chocolate milk in Paris. There are two places in our list that serve up the best hot chocolate in town, the popular Angelina and Un Dimanche a Paris.

There are various locations you can visit if you’re thinking of heading over to Angelina Paris café. Widely known to have the best hot chocolate and pastries in Paris, Angelina has a wide collection of pastries, but the reviews they’ve obtained from their delicious hot chocolate is massive. Everyone agrees Angelina’s hot chocolate is one of the best, a unique taste that will excite your taste buds. Though something this incredible is not cheap, their hot chocolate price is 8.20 euros and you can choose from old fashioned African hot chocolate to white chocolate. 

Un Dimanche a Paris became so well known that it even opened a chain in Dubai. With a variety of exquisite dishes and enticing pastries this restaurant sets high expectations, but during winter visitors and locals come to this place for its, you guessed it, hot chocolate! Similar to a hot molten chocolate lava cake but in drink form, the hot chocolate in this café is incomparable. No other can compete with the thick delicious taste of a cup of hot chocolate from Un Dimanche a Paris.

boat show

Annual boat show: December 7- 15

A pretty big annual attraction that captivates thousands of spectators each year is the Boat show in Paris. So far this year many exhibitors are displaying an array of boats of all kinds from sailing, yachts, jet-skis, to day cruisers as well as marine supplies. To give you an idea, in accordance with the exhibitions from previous years, the show has enticed 205,000 visitors in just 9 days. If you’re a boat fanatic this is your chance to talk to experts, network, or purchase needed marine supplies. An impressive experience in France’s largest inland port.

First Vegan Christmas market in Paris: December 7- December 8

For the first time ever the Veggie pride of Paris organization has arranged a Christmas event for all individuals who are passionate about the wellbeing of all animals and would rather have an enjoyable meat-free meal. The event will take place in La Cité Fertile and best of all the entrance is free. You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of appetizing vegetarian and vegan dishes, in addition, there will also be organic beauty products, gifts, and fashionable animal cruelty-free apparel. Meet the different associations that fight for animal rights and check out numerous organic 100% vegan products you can take home from local vendors.

wine tasing and book signing

Wine tasting and book signing combo: December 14- 15

In the multicultural venue, La Bellevilloise there will be a legendary event made up of a book fair and wine tasting! Who wouldn’t want to try free local biodynamic French wine and wine from other countries when entering the locale and checking out authentic books and comics from independent authors? No further information about the program has yet to be released, but we do have the down-low on the wines that will be offered and up for purchase if you’re interested:

  • Italy- Piana dei Castelli, Al dias del Fiume (AnimaVini)
  • Rhône- Laura Aillaud, Domaine du Pourra, Mas de Casalas
  • Chile- Christophe Beau
  • Japan- Pure Sake is Good Shinkame Europa

There will also local champagne and beer available.

winter parties

Winter parties

Parties are never-ending in Paris and there is always one for every occasion, this month there are 4 that made it to our list.

La Grosse Teuf de Noel (December 6): Located conveniently in the popular La Bellevilloise. La Grosse Teuf de Noel will have a DJ, karaoke, and a roomy dance floor to have the time of your life! You can dress as you wish as well as alone or with friends. Entrance will only be eligible for individuals 18 and older so it is advised to take an ID.

Price: €15

International Boat Party (December 7): How many times can you say you’ve been to a boat party? The Concorde Atlantic will be hosting its monthly boat party and it will be legendary. There will be an open bar selling drinks that will not break your bank account, as well as tasty crepes, and free entrance to the first 100 people who register online and free entrance plus complimentary open bar for the first 50 people! 

Price: €10

Winter Party in Novotel Paris (December 13): A unique concept is opening in December for the best music and food you can find in Paris. Have some drinks in the posh garden in the well-known Novotel hotel located in the very center of the city in the 1st arrondissement. Dance inside a transparent bubble (with a heater system incorporated) while you have an unforgettable night. Did we mention they will be having a raclette bar?

Price: €35

Woodstock 69 (December 20): Let the good times roll, Supersonic will be taking you back to the times of flower power and Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and many other of the best artists in history. Supersonic is the place to go if your looking for a variety of music such as pop, rock, and live concerts many events are organized here, and Woodstock 69 is one to attend.

Price: €5

Harry Potter

Photo property of Harry Potter in concert ©

Harry Potter Concert: December 21- December 22

We have great news for all Potter heads in Paris! There will be an orchestra music concert displaying all of the best melodies from the 4th Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while the movie is projected in a 10-meter-wide screen in the background through high-quality projection. The Palais des Congrés will be hosting the Val D’Europe Symphony Orchestra which will be performing live on stage featuring famous composer Patrick Doyle. However, the film in the background will be presented in French, though you can still enjoy the orchestra playing to the rhythm of the film.

fresh pasta

International gastronomic event: December 4

For an affordable price of €18, you can join the international gastronomic event and obtain a 2-course meal with a drink included and meet new people in the well-rated Italian restaurant in Paris, Pastaland. You’ll have the opportunity to go with friends or alone and exchange languages with individuals around you. It’s a soirée where you can meet people and eat an incredible variety of dishes such as Lasagna Bolognesi, Pomodoro Basilico, mushroom and truffle lasagna, tiramisu and 11 more specialties. You can find the entire menu on their website. You must be fast though, entry is only available by reservation and spots filling fast!


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