Our favourite picnic spots to go before (or after) a show

  • June 18, 2020
  • Theatre in Paris exclusives
  • Aysha Ferullo

We couldn’t be happier that we’re now allowed a little more freedom to enjoy the fresh Parisian air, and what better way to celebrate the great outdoors than a good, old-fashioned picnic? In our opinion, Paris is the perfect city in which to partake in this fundamental summer task, thanks to the abundance of greenery and, of course, The Seine. Not to mention, Paris is one of our favourite film sets, and we love dining on the stomping grounds of all of our favourite stars. We actually made a blog post on filming locations in Paris if you want a more in-depth guide, as they’re certainly places to visit with or without a lunchbox! We also love going for a picnic before going to the theatre; it’s the perfect way to spend the day. Thanks to the central location of our partner theatres and the convenient metro stations dotted around the city, it couldn’t be a more convenient way to dine. Today, we’ve decided to round up our favourite spots to set up camp for a refreshing summer meal. 

Bridge Bir-Hakeim – Inception 

Any fans of Inception will surely recognise this intricate structure. Joining one side of the river to the other, anywhere along the bank in this vicinity will surely provide you with views that will give you major movie nostalgia! Find a nearby bench and munch away, you’re truly in for a breath-taking view. 

Address: 75015, Paris

While you’re in the area: You’re in perfect stead for a pleasant evening stroll to the Crazy Horse cabaret, you’re bound to enjoy this one. Have a read of our blog post for more information and be sure to keep an eye out for tickets.

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Eiffel Tower – Funny Face 

The greenery surrounding the Eiffel Tower is always a wonderful place to set up camp and spend a relaxing afternoon, and certainly the perfect place to get through a bottle of wine (or two). It also serves as the backdrop for Funny Face and is where the iconic ‘Bonjour Paris’ number takes place. Why not make a day of it? There’s so much to be done in and around the Eiffel Tower, particularly during the warmer months. Pack your lunch and head on over!

Address: 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris

Also in the area: The Eiffel Tower is also within walking distance of Theatre Edouard VII, be sure to check out what shows are playing there! We also wrote a blog post detailing the history of this enchanting place.

The Louvre – Da Vinci Code 

The Louvre is certainly a sight for sore eyes and makes an excellent setting for a casual, summer lunch. What’s more, is the Da Vinci Code is actually known for using this iconic museum as its backdrop. For any fans of the Dan Brown novel or Ron Howard Film, having a snack outside this monument will feel truly special. 

Address: Rue de Rivoli, 75058 Paris

While you’re in the area: One of our favourite venues, Palace Garnier, is within walking distance of the Louvre! Check out what shows are playing there in the future. 

Promenade Plantée – Before Sunset

For any fans of Before Sunset, having an outdoor meal at the Promenade Plantée is an absolute must for when you visit Paris. Take a stroll along the path that will offer beautiful views of the city from a height, with arches and flowers that will make you feel like you’re starring in your own romantic drama. Follow the footsteps of Jesse and Celine for a beautiful day in the sun. 

Address: Promenade Plantée, 75012 Paris

While you’re in the area: Take a dreamy walk along The Seine to the Châtelet Theatre, you’ll be there in no time! They’ve always got an entertaining selection of shows, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tickets. Coming up this year, 42nd Street will be gracing the Châtelet stage. If you want to learn more about this location, have a read of this blog post. 

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Our favourite parks

We wouldn’t be able to discuss the picnic scene of Paris without including a nod to one of the many beautiful green spots the city has to offer, why not check out some of our favourite parks dotted around the city for a romantic evening under the Parisian stars. They're also a great way to experience Paris on a budget!

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont 

One of the most beautiful parks in Paris is the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, located in the 19th district. One of its defining features is the Temple of Sibylle, which was actually originally inspired by Tivoli’s Temple of Vesta, located in Italy. A truly beautiful landscape of greenery, particularly this time of year. In September, the park hosts a Silhouette Short Film Festival, so be sure to keep an eye out for tickets this year. It has excellent transport links, and you can reach it on the 5 and 7 metro lines. 

Address: 1-7 Rue Botzaris, 75019 Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg 

A little more central, the Jardin du Luxembourg is an easy one to stumble upon and is bound to be a perfect setting for a summer picnic. With statues and flowers decorating every corner, there are few better places to spend your pre-theatre afternoon in the sun.

Address: 15 Rue de Vaugirard, 75291 Paris

While you’re in the area: Get the metro to the Mogador Theatre and check out the Lion King!

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Jardin des Plantes 

Yet another one of our favourite parks in Paris for a classic summer picnic is the Jardin des Plantes. The clue is in the name – it’s full of beautiful flowers and shrubbery, and is sure to get you in the summer spirit. Over 300 years old, it’s certainly no newbie to the Parisian picnic scene. Conveniently located within reach of the 7 and 10 lines of the metro, and right on the cusp of The Seine, you won’t have to go out of your way to locate this gem.

Address: Jardin des Plantes, 75005 Paris

While you’re in the area: Take a trip to Sainte-Chapelle and experience the concert series they have to offer. It’s bound to take your breath away. Be sure to also have a read of this blog post we made, detailing the venue’s fascinating history. 

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Jardin des Tuileries 

Jardin des Tuileries never disappoints if you want a lunch with a view. Created by Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici, it’s oozing with beauty. Since the 19th century, it’s been a place when Parisians meet and relax, so live like a local and get involved for yourself!

Address: Jardin des Tuileries, 75001 Paris

While you’re in the area: Take an inspiring walk through the city or hop on the number 8 metro to Théâtre des Nouveatues and watch Oliver Giraud’s hilarious one-man show.

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Opéra Bastille

We’re proud partners of the Opéra Bastille and are always keen to see the shows they have on offer. What’s more, is there’s now a park surrounding it, making it the perfect theatre to visit after a relaxed afternoon picnic! There’s little we love more than dinner and a show. 

Address: Place de la Bastille, 75012 Paris