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  • December 12, 2018
  • Parisian theatre
  • Rupert Comer

Let’s be honest, there’s no better place to be than Paris throughout this holiday season. You eat plenty, visit the marvellous sites and museums of this beautiful city, but then what to do in the evenings? Head out to see a show in one of Paris’ many playhouses of course! You may be thinking that you won’t stand a chance at understanding a word of French theatre, but fear not, that’s where Theatre in Paris comes in. We’ve partnered with historical theatres all over the city to bring you a wealth of shows that are all accessible to English speakers. Thanks to innovative subtitles, you can enjoy authentic French theatre, alongside shows entirely in English or without dialogue. From comedies to musicals, and cabaret to classics, there is a show for everyone to celebrate this holiday season and bring in the New Year. Find our round-up below, and remember that theatres get very busy throughout this period so make sure you book well in advance.


french play cyrano de bergerac

Classic: Cyrano de Bergerac

The most famous love triangle in history: Cyrano de Bergerac, Christian, and Roxane. Our swashbuckling hero, Cyrano, complete with his famously-prominent nose, fights against the odds and reveals himself to be just as effective with the sword as he is with his words. He falls madly in love with Roxane, only to find out that she loves another. Christian, a headstrong young soldier, as handsome as Cyrano is ugly, as dim-witted as Cyrano is sharp, has also fallen in love with Roxane. This internationally renowned French play has been adapted many times, even on the big screen with comedians like Steve Martin playing Cyrano! A unique production of the classic French play features original violin music throughout, all in a playhouse once part of an old French chateau!

In French with English subtitles / Playing through January 2019, Tickets


paris cabaret show speakeasy

Cabaret: Speakeasy prohibition cabaret

This is not the circus you remember from childhood! Speakeasy is a truly original performance, featuring circus completely revisited through the prism of 1930s New York City prohibition bar. This show redefines the acrobatic arts with its astounding choreography and a surprising urban twist. Speakeasy is unlike any circus or cabaret show you've seen before, all with a touch of 1930s gangster. The astonishing soundtrack to this unique performance was painstakingly selected to perfectly accompany the performers' every movement. It is here that you'll find a very modern French touch, as the entire soundtrack is a work of art in itself from French music collective Chinese Man. The arts of cinema, theatre, dance and acrobatics are mixed into one amazing prohibition cocktail, sure to be the hit Parisian show of the 2018 holiday season!

No dialogue / Playing November 2018 through January 2019, Tickets


edith piaf musical paris

Musical: I Love Piaf

I Love Piaf, is a musical about France’s most famous international superstar, Edith Piaf. This intimate musical tells the short, yet intense life story of a woman with a girlish spirit. Piaf’s career began in the heart of Paris, in the outrageous cabarets of Pigalle, where she performed for mobsters and gangsters. Her fame then skyrocketed from Belleville to the Champs-Elysées and she eventually made history in the grandest music halls in the world. From Shanghai to New York, Moscow to London, and even Montreal to Berlin, people of all ages and nationalities can sing along to the timeless classics, La Vie En Rose, L’Hymne à l’Amour, Milord, and Je Ne Regrette Rien. Catch a special returning one-off performance of this show at Théâtre Trévise on the 26th of December.

In French with English subtitles / Playing 26 December 2018, Tickets


paris comedy show le prenom

Comedy: Hello My Name Is

They say you should never reveal a baby’s name before it’s born, and boy should Vincent have followed this advice! When innocently asked if he had chosen a name for his unborn son at a family dinner party, his response sends the group plunging into chaos! The original play has since been transformed into an international hit film, but this year returns to its home stage in the heart of Paris’ Opéra district. A can’t miss comedy with a star-studded cast, all playing at the legendary home of Parisian comedy, the Théâtre Edouard VII.

In French with English subtitles / Playing through January 2019, Tickets


paris broadway chicago musical

Broadway-style: Chicago, the musical

This iconic Broadway classic will take you on a scandalously chic musical journey in one of Paris’ most iconic venues, famous for its Broadway-style musical productions. With jazzy musical numbers and choreography reminiscent of Paris’ music halls, Chicago perfectly combines the Parisian cabaret and prohibition nightlife atmospheres, an irresistibly Parisian night out. Known for its extravagant Broadway-style numbers, an evening at the legendary Théâtre Mogador makes for a perfect holiday date night or family event in Paris.

In French with English subtitles / Playing through June 2019, Tickets


saloon circus family paris

Circus: Saloon, Wild West of Paris

Enter a mythical world where theatre and circus collide for non-stop live folk music combined with strength, agility and original choreography. Swing open the Saloon doors and lasso up some fun for the entire family. Under the spell of Saloon’s beautiful Belle, the lover sets off in a chase worthy of the greatest Westerns for an action-packed theatrical thrill-ride! Watch this musical circus as cowboys take aim, a showdown of dancing and dueling. This Western cabaret gives you a taste of the wild frontier, right here in the heart of Paris. With a legendary troupe of performers that has travelled the world, performing in over 50 countries, Saloon is now finally coming to Paris to delight audiences this holiday season!

No dialogue / Playing through January 2019, Tickets


french play holiday legend of a life

Drama: Legend of a Life

A journey to Vienna at the dawn of the roaring 1920s, this contemporary play is a returning favorite among Parisian theatre-goers. Austrian playwright Stefan Zweig delights with a story of family discoveries and self-acceptance, as young Friedrich tries to live up to his father’s reputation as a literary genius and unearths some unexpected secrets along the way. Perfect for theatre buffs or culture seekers, Legend of a Life features Natalie Dessay, star opera singer turned theatrical legend. Discover the legend for yourself, in a playhouse designed by the very same architect responsible part of the Statue of Liberty itself!

In French with English subtitles / Playing through January 2019, Tickets


comedy how to become parisian

One-Man-Show: How to Become a Parisian in one Hour

Spend an hour “learning” all the tricks and tips on what it takes to become Parisian, thanks to Paris’ very own hilarious comique, Olivier Giraud. Surrounded by an international audience, you’ll discover how to act like a true Parisian in everyday situations such as riding the metro, dining in a French café, wandering the city streets, and even in relationships. You’ll not only laugh uncontrollably throughout the performance, but leave the beautiful Théâtre des Nouveautés confident enough to mingle with the Parisians - or at least understand them!

Entirely in English / Playing through May 2019, Tickets


Start planning your holiday shows now, and if you’re looking for more unique activities to explore in the City of Lights, then check out some of our other articles below…




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