French Friday - Weekly Dose of French Culture

  • June 10, 2016
  • All things Paris
  • Theatre in Paris contributor

It’s ‪French Friday‬, and the long awaited kickoff to ‪UEFA EURO‬ Cup! One thing that the French really play defense on is their beloved ‪football‬, or ‪soccer‬ for our ‪American‬ friends. If you're in Paris, celebrate beautiful and multicultural‬ ‪‎Europe‬ at the UEFA EURO 2016 - Fan Zone Paris or hit up a café and root for ‪Les Bleus‬ ! The FanZone‬ is at the ‪Champ de Mars‬ right by the Tour Eiffel‬, which is lit up for the games!

However, if football isn’t your thing, can we interest you in dinner? Come see the ‪hilarious‬ Guillaume de Tonquédec in the hit ‪comedy‬ "A Farewell Dinner" (at the Théâtre Édouard VII)! It's a play about a couple who, no longer having time for their friends, hosts "farewell dinners" to say goodbye! The first dinner goes terribly awry... The last performance is THIS SATURDAY so come see "A Farewell Dinner" before we say "farewell" to this ‪spectacular‬ comedy! A perfect way for ‪Expats in Paris‬ and ‪Americans in Paris‬ to enjoy a classic ‪Parisian‬ night out!

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